Jack Chick dead at 92

Chick Publications has announced that its founder, the mysterious Jack Chick, died this past Sunday at thechick age of 92.

Several months ago, I posted my memories of Chick tracts. See here. Chick took a conspiratorial approach to Rome and managed to blame every calamity that beset the Western world on the Vatican and/or the Jesuits.

“According to Chick, the Vatican was responsible for creating Islam, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, as well as the Jehovah’s Witnesses. He also accused the Catholic Church of having been responsible for the Holocaust, the founding of Communism, Nazism, and the Ku Klux Klan; starting the World Wars; masterminding the 1917 Russian Revolution, the Great Depression and the assassinations of U.S. Presidents Lincoln and Kennedy.” – from Wikipedia

Whoops! The author/s of the Wikipedia article forgot to mention that Chick also claimed the Vatican created Freemasonry and Christian Science and that Jim Jones of the People’s Temple was a secret Jesuit who orchestrated the Jonestown Massacre in order to discredit Protestantism.

Chick’s outrageous allegations against the Vatican and the Jesuits impeded the efforts of responsible outreach to Roman Catholics. Taking a cue from his conspiracy mania, could it be that Chick was secretly a Jesuit agent, under orders to undermine credible Gospel witness to Catholics? No, I’m not serious, but who can argue with the end results? In the final analysis, Jack Chick was the Jesuits’ best friend by making outreach to Catholics look ridiculous in the minds of many.

Jack Chick, fundamentalist Christian cartoonist, dies at 92 – Associated Press article

Jack Chick – Wikipedia article

7 thoughts on “Jack Chick dead at 92

    1. Thanks, Wally. Yeah, with Chick it was like conspiracy theory on steroids. After I accepted Christ, I began purchasing everything Chick published regarding Catholicism. But some of the claims were so ridiculous that I finally stopped. There’s no doubt that the Jesuits were involved in some nasty business, but Chick’s undocumented claims were off the charts.

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  1. I have mix feelings. On the one hand SOME (not all) his materials was useful to me as a young Christian…on the other hand he’s so conspiratorial and sometimes his comics was rather out there. I remember one of his comics on homosexuality was rather…crude.

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    1. I agree. Some of Chick’s material I could agree with 100%, some of it was very heavy-handed as you describe, and then there was the conspiracy stuff. Alleged ex-Jesuit priest, Alberto Rivera, signed on with Chick in 1979 and then it was one conspiracy tale after another.

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