Weekend Update – News and Views – 10/22/16

Time to sort through my in-basket full of news stories I’ve collected over the past sevensg days.

In another era, some Protestants theorized that the Superior General of the Jesuits, nicknamed the “Black Pope,” was the de facto ruler of the church of Rome. That was probably never the case but there’s no doubt the Jesuits wielded great power and played a significant and not-always-charitable role in the church’s counter-Reformation. In fact, the Jesuits were founded specifically in 1540 by saint Ignatius of Loyola (see picture) to fight the spread of the Gospel preached by the Reformers using whatever means necessary. Many books were written that speculated on Jesuit conspiracies. Fact or fiction? Suffice it to say that the Jesuits became so heavily involved in political intrigue and skullduggery that even monarchs of Catholic nations demanded their expulsion.

Purpose Driven Rick Warren may have baptized 45,000 people but what kind of teaching do those who attend his multi-satellite mega-church hear from his pulpit? There’s probably not a more ecumenically-minded and Rome-friendly evangelical pastor than Rick Warren.

A week doesn’t go by without several reports of the catfights between Francis and his pragmatic reformers and church traditionalists.

Catholic statistics reveal only 12% of its members go to confession at least once a year, the mandatory minimum. The system is a complete sham and there’s no doubt Francis is considering such alternatives as silent group confession as this article mentions. My Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, paid my debt in full for all of my sins on the cross at Calvary. I have been saved by the grace of God through faith in Jesus Christ alone. When I disobey my Lord, I can go directly to the throne of grace for forgiveness.

“Let us therefore come boldly to the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy and find grace to help in time of need.” – Hebrews 4:16

And yet another story about ecumenist, positive-gospel minister, Robert Schuller’s former Crystal Cathedral being transformed into a Catholic showpiece; a feel-good oasis for a church in deep trouble.

U.S. bishops were hoping Francis’s 2015 visit would result in many disaffected members returning to the fold. Results have been less-than-stellar and conservative church critics claim Francis is actually undermining the Catholic religion.

Fifty-one years ago at Vatican II, the Catholic church sacrificed fidelity to its doctrines on the altar of ecumenical primacy. Evangelicals who know God’s Word know where all of this is headed.

Geisler and Land represent a mindset that has done tremendous harm to the Gospel witness in this country. Geisler is an influential theologian who embraces Roman Catholicism as a branch of Christianity and Land was one of the signers of the original 1994 “Evangelicals and Catholics Together” ecumenical document. Their focus is the Falwellian “Reclaim America for Jesus” culture war and they’re not particularly fussy about who they link arms with. In the top article, Geisler even exhorts Christians to bring prayer back to public schools as if this was 1950. What lunacy! By embracing Catholicism and its false gospel of salvation by sacramental grace and merit, Geisler, Land, and other ecumenically-minded leaders have betrayed the Gospel of grace. As I’ve commented previously, evangelicals are so wrapped up in winning the culture war, they’re even allowing Mormon Glenn Beck to speak on their television shows and platforms as an ally in the fight to “Reclaim America for Jesus.” It appears evangelicals are willing to sign a pact with the devil himself if it means retaining “Christendom’s” control of America. What spiritual blindness!!!

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