Weekend Update – News and Views – 10/15/16

The presidential election campaign is pretty much crowding out other news stories. I’ll beostee glad when it’s all over.

We start with a spoof on prosperity gospel guru, Joel Osteen. Comically sad and not far from the truth.

This week, Catholics celebrated the 99th anniversary of their most important Marian apparition at Fatima in Portugal. Preparations have already begun in anticipation of next year’s gala 100th anniversary. For information and resources on alleged Marian apparitions, see here.

Above is our weekly ration of news reports regarding the pope and his reform allies versus church traditionalists. The important takeaway this week comes from the last two stories which report that Francis is stocking the college of cardinals with like-minded “reformers.”

Another story on deceased ecumenical “minister” Robert Schuller’s Crystal Cathedral being turned into a showplace Catholic church. People like Schuller and Norman Vincent Peale (Donald Trump’s former “minister”) were the Gospel-less Joel Osteens of a couple of generations ago.

Most Americans don’t know that European governments still collect a tax for their officially sanctioned “state churches.” Catholics like to point out the large number of Protestant denominations but it took several generations of Reformers along with the establishment of new denominations to move the church away from vestiges of Roman error such as the state church and a church tax.

All joking aside, Francis, like all popes since John XXIII, is determined to recover the separated brethren. And could it be? Some evangelicals are eagerly queueing up!

Are people born with a same-sex attraction or is it a learned? We all are born with a fallen nature and an inclination to sin. Some argue modern pollutants have altered human hormone levels leading to homosexuality and gender confusion but how does that explain the rampant homosexuality in ancient Greece and Rome?

This crypto-Catholic, writing in a Catholic journal, argues the only future for Protestantism is to become Catholic. What a surprise.

Eric Metaxas gives a big “tsk, tsk” to people who call themselves evangelicals but don’t know Abraham from King David. But wait. Didn’t Metaxas include Joan of Arc and Mother Teresa as examples of great Christian women in his last book? See here. Metaxas needs to spend A LOT more time in his own Bible.

And without any further ado, here’s a small sampling of the dump truck load of stories regarding the presidential race, especially as they relate to Roman Catholicism. I can’t, in good conscience, vote for either candidate in this cesspool of an election. Yes, I understand Hillary is pro-abortion, pro-same-sex marriage, and about as left-of-center as a person could possibly be without changing into Saul Alinsky, but the idea of putting Trump in the White House is as unnerving as handing the keys of your car to your sixteen-year-old son just after he drank a 40-ouncer of malt liquor. Either choice is bad. Very bad. But praise the Lord, God is still on His throne and will be perfectly executing His divine plan even with Hillary Clinton in the Oval Office.


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