Weekend Update – News and Commentary – 10/8/16

I’ll be glad when this presidential election is over in more ways than one. Whenever Ihill google “Catholics” for trending news stories, most of the results have something to do with the coming election.

Democratic vice-presidential candidate, Tim Kaine, infuriates Catholic conservatives with his support of abortion and same-sex marriage but the reality is many Catholics side with him. Donald Trump? Have his recently-released remarks from 2005 about groping women finally made him unelectable?

Francis and the church’s traditionalists continue their tug-of-war. The pope was able to sneak through his communion-for-remarried-divorcees reform, but the proposed synod on married priests was strictly a preliminary trial balloon to grease the skids for the next pope.

Evangelicals are waking up to the new reality that America is no longer a “Christian nation” and Bible-illiterate members of non-denominational mega-churches hear “sermons” every week about “mistakes” rather than sins and on how to “live your best life now.”

The American Catholic church is facing a grim future with membership numbers in a deep dive. Have you ever been to a Catholic mass or seen one on TV? There’s no reason for a Catholic to go to boring mass (and the vast majority don’t) except for the threat of eternal damnation for missing one.

We saw the Catholic church shamelessly exploit the popularity of John Paul II and Mother Teresa by expediting their canonizations. Now Francis is doing the same thing for French priest, Jacques Hamel, who was killed by members of ISIS back in July.

Catholicism being Catholicism, there’s always some stories in the news every week about some of its funky, unscriptural traditions.

The US Catholic church has already paid out over 4 billion dollars to victims of abuse. Cardinal Dolan’s PR effort is too little too late.

Like the vast majority of devout Catholics, Wahlberg lifts up his church rather than Jesus Christ. The only time the actor talks about Jesus in this article is in regards to receiving the consecrated Jesus wafer into his mouth. Marky Mark needs to start reading the Bible and to accept Jesus as his Savior. And if I were him I’d carefully monitor any priests involved with my children. Strike that. I wouldn’t allow ANY priests around my children.

Francis and I don’t agree on much but I do share his sorrow over children being indoctrinated with “gender theory” at school.

Some interesting English history regarding the 17th-century tussle between Catholics and Protestants over control of the country.

An interesting assessment of post-Vatican II Catholicism from a European evangelical perspective.

Rome always comes up with some cockamamie justification for not selling ANY of its art treasures.


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