More on D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones


In every age, the Holy Spirit has raised up godly men to preach and uphold the Gospel of salvation by God’s grace through faith in Jesus Christ alone; men who would not bend a knee to the compromise and error that surrounded them. With that in mind, I must say that I truly appreciate the ministry of John MacArthur. I may not agree 100% with some of his theology regarding secondary issues, but there’s only a handful of nationally-known preachers out there today like MacArthur who stand in the gap and refuse to cooperate and compromise with betrayers of the Gospel. Another man of God from a couple of generations ago who I’ve been reading about quite a bit lately is D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones, who went home to be with the Lord in 1981.

Yesterday, I “just happened” to come across the above video of a discussion of Lloyd-Jones from one of MacArthur’s conferences, featuring MacArthur, Mark Dever, Iain Murray, associate and biographer of Lloyd-Jones, and Jonathan Catherwood, one of Lloyd-Jones’s six grandchildren. The 41-minute video was a real treat for me and such a blessing to listen to. MacArthur names Lloyd-Jones as one of his most powerful influences, which comes as no surprise. I’ve been meaning to read one of Lloyd-Jones’s many books but didn’t know where to start. In the video, Murray recommends new readers of Lloyd-Jones begin with “Studies in the Sermon on the Mount,” which I promptly ordered from Amazon this morning. Review to follow sometime waaaaaay down the road. Thank you, Lord, for faithful teachers who defend the Gospel and who stand in the gap for your people like Lloyd-Jones and MacArthur.



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