Weekend Update – News and Commentary – 9/10/16

Yes, it’s time again to gather up all the interesting news from the last seven days.mary

Catholics celebrated Mary’s birthday this past Thursday although no one really knows the actual date of her birth. Catholics claim they do not worship Mary although the amount of attention and reverence devoted to her within Catholicism rivals and sometimes exceeds that given to Christ. The bottom line is all of this religious activity doesn’t do anyone any good. Have you accepted Jesus Christ as your Savior by faith? That is the cornerstone of true Christianity.

Roman Catholic, Phyllis Schlafly, was a pivotal character in the fledgling evangelical-Catholic ecumenical movement back in the 70s and 80s. Evangelicals like Falwell, Dobson, and Robertson put the Gospel aside and joined with other political conservatives like Schlafly, to defend American “morality.” But “morality” without Jesus Christ is an empty promise; a whited sepulchre.

Mother Teresa was declared a saint last Sunday. I’ve already written much about Mother Teresa so I won’t labor over her too much. The Catholic notion of “saints” is so wrong on so many levels biblically. Unfortunately, many evangelical pastors have hopped on the Mother Teresa bandwagon and are misleading their congregations. If your pastor spends any amount of time praising Mother Teresa, it’s time to find a Bible-believing church.

Pope Francis doesn’t want radical Muslims to derail his ecumenical efforts but conservative Catholics are attempting to use this prolonged wave of Islamic terrorism to undermine and discredit Vatican II’s progressive “we all worship the same God” approach.

And speaking of ecumenism, Pope John Paul II’s 1986 Assisi meeting was a watershed ecumenical statement by the Vatican. Rome would be the center of the world’s religions. All religious roads lead to Rome.

Truth be told, young Catholics don’t love Latin masses. They don’t even like masses said in English. Young Catholics are leaving the church in droves (see the article below). Yes, there are many people who are attracted to the ritualistic pageantry of the Catholic mass – whether in the extraordinary form (with all the bells and whistles and said in cryptic Latin) or in the simpler ordinary form (said in the vernacular). For many older Catholics, the familiar (and boring) mass liturgy represents a sentimental, nostalgic security blanket in a challenging world. But the need for sacrificial priests ended with Christ’s death on the cross. Jesus is not a perpetual victim to be offered up again and again. He rose from the grave and is now seated at the right hand of the Father and He offers eternal salvation to all who accept Him as Savior by faith.

I’m still waiting for the media to write about Rome’s ecclesiastical dictatorship and the heavy persecution of Protestants in Catholic-ruled countries, which fueled prudent (and sometimes imprudent) unease about Catholicism here in the United States.

Ex-Catholic, evangelical pastor, Castaldo, favors a dialogue approach rather than confrontation when it comes to Catholicism. There’s some merit in that but there’s also a danger that dialogue will turn to accommodation, cooperation, and compromise as we’ve seen in the cases of Billy Graham, Chuck Colson, and others.

13 thoughts on “Weekend Update – News and Commentary – 9/10/16

      1. Ha..funny. I was best friends growing up with a family where the dad was actually the son of a Missionary Baptist preacher, and the mom was a lifelong Catholic.

        There’s a story there I might tell some day. Hmm.

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      1. The United Methodists have pretty much drifted into modernism. The Wesleys were a bit off base weren’t they, with their teaching of perfectionism? Charles Finney is famous here in Western New York for preaching Wesleyan perfectionism back in the 1830s, turning this area into the “Burned Over District.” According to the Wesleys, and even more so later with Finney, sanctification/perfectionism was part of justification, which was similar to Roman Catholicism.

        Thanks, Maria! I’m equally glad the Lord is leading you!

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    1. Thanks, Maria. I’m very grateful for solid pastors like MacArthur who stand strong for the Gospel.

      As part of my journey back to the Lord after my numbskull rebellion, some dear friends, a Christian couple we’ve known for 30 years, invited us to their church, a Free Methodist congregation. We loved the service and thought we would continue at the church but I checked their website the next day and there were several disturbing things including a “sister” church with women who acted as priests – this was intended for “progessive,” disaffected Catholics. Needless to say, we looked for another church. Several months later we were talking with this couple and they stated that Hindus, Buddhists, Muslims, etc., could also be saved if they followed the light they had in their religion. I was flabbergasted. This heresy has penetrated deep into evangelicalism. I’m not a fan of Greg Laurie by any stretch but he represents a large segment of evangelical Christianity and he’s also spreading this falsehood.

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