Weekend Update – News and Commentary – 9/3/16

Happy Labor Day Weekend! I hope everyone has an enjoyable weekend in the Lord!GL Here’s my observations regarding some news items this past week:

And Greg Laurie’s watered-down, ecumenical evangelicalism is also a sign of the end times. I wouldn’t waste a second watching ultra-traditionalist Catholic, Mel Gibson’s take on the Resurrection.

Preparations continue for the canonization of Mother Teresa to “sainthood” tomorrow. Mother Teresa is held up by Catholics and even by many Protestants as THE standard of “Christian” charity, but did she ever accept Christ as her Savior or was she trusting in her works religion? The fourth article reveals Mother Teresa was actually a troubled soul and had no spiritual peace. There is no spiritual rest when you’re on a religious treadmill. The last article supports my remarks from last weekend; Rome pushed the popular Mother Teresa through the normally-lengthy canonization process in order to exploit a ripe PR opportinity, in much the same way it did for John Paul II.

The New Testament tells Christians to be good citizens and to obey governmental authorities so that the Gospel can go out unhindered. The emphasis is the Gospel, not national patriotism. I don’t have a lot of interest in politics anyway, but I surely can’t imagine myself pulling the lever in good conscience for either Trump or Clinton.

When evangelical Christians need to find a new fellowship, they’re hopefully looking for a Spirit-filled pastor who preaches God’s undiluted Word and the Gospel of grace. When Catholics look for a new Catholic church, they looking for the same familiar, cookie-cutter, McRitual. Every Catholic church is the same; no Gospel but lots of rules, ceremony, and traditions, all focused on the eating of the alleged Jesus wafer.

Pope Francis wishes these Islamic extremists would go away so he could get back to the business of worldwide ecumenism centered in Rome. On the other hand, I could see radical Islam sparking some type of seismic catastrophic event that would turn peoples’ hopes to the Vatican.

These two articles should remind us that when Catholics speak about the “gospel,” they mean something entirely different than the Gospel of salvation by grace through faith. The pope and Catholics see salvation as “Do,” meriting salvation through works. Christians see salvation as “Done,” accepting Jesus Christ as Savior and His finished work on the cross by faith.

And, finally, speaking of labor, here’s how it’s supposed to be done:

“Therefore, my beloved brothers, be steadfast, immovable, always abounding in the work of the Lord, knowing that in the Lord your labor is not in vain.” – 1 Corinthians 15:58


7 thoughts on “Weekend Update – News and Commentary – 9/3/16

  1. Guys, though I thought having Mel Gibson there was a mistake on a couple of levels, Greg Laurie is far from a watering down the Gospel preacher. Though he has admitted that he is willing to share a stage with anyone if he has the opportunity to preach the Gospel, when he does he actually does preach the Gospel. He is an excellent Bible teacher too – he says really hard things in a way that you wind up thanking him for it.

    So yes, Mel seemed crazier than all get out on stage and a movie about a Seventh Day Adventist seems possibly a bit off, but everybody makes mistakes.


    1. Thanks, Tom. I agree that Laurie preaches the Gospel. I catch the tail end of his daily radio show every morning on my ride into work. My problem with Laurie is his ecumenism. Gibson’s appearance at Laurie’s latest rally wasn’t a fluke mistake. If you Google “Greg Laurie Catholic” you’ll find that Laurie has supported several other ecumenical events involving Roman Catholics. The message from Laurie is that Catholicism also preaches the Gospel, which is not the case. Yes, Catholicism gives lip service to “grace” and “faith” but they teach a gospel of sacramental grace and merit. That’s not the Gospel that Laurie preaches. Why is Laurie oblivious to the difference? Good question, but he’s obviously not the only evangelical leader succumbing to spiritual blindness in this matter. So, yes, by embracing Catholicism, Laurie is watering down the Gospel.


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