“Dad, Let’s get out of this blank blank place!”

The last couple of days I’ve posted on topics related to the Church of Jesus Christangry of Latter-day Saints (Mormons). Today, I’ll finish up this short series with a humorous memory from long ago.

This story may be a little offensive to some so I apologize in advance. I mean no offense to my Lord or fellow believers but I think the words are a valuable part of the story. As a little background, our son, Steve, was around five years old at the time and I hadn’t accepted the Lord Jesus Christ yet. The language around our home may have been a little raw at times.

Sometime back around 1982-83, our youngest son, Steve, and I packed into the car and headed to Fayette, New York, about 50 miles away. I had studied the origins of the Mormon church for several years and had already visited the church-sponsored visitor centers and historic sites in Palmyra (Smith family home, Sacred Grove, Hill Cumorah, and Grandin print shop where the Book of Mormon was printed). In Fayette was the Peter Whitmer farm and visitor center. Whitmer had been an early and important follower of Smith. The Mormon church was formally organized at the Whitmer farm in 1830.

So Steve and I arrived at the Whitmer site and we began strolling through the visitor center exhibit. The elderly husband and wife Mormon missionary couple assigned to the center came over to greet us and commenced with their sales pitch. I had no intention of joining Mormonism (I was already well aware of much of the church’s dubious history and theology at that point) but I enjoyed engaging the couple in conversation and impressing them with how knowledgeable I was. After about ten minutes of conversation, our young son began losing his patience and piped in, “Dad, can we go now? ” I replied with that pat parental answer, “In a little while.” After ten more minutes of talking, a much more frustrated Steve said, “DAD! Can we go now???” I was disappointed my son had interrupted us again so I gave him a stern look and said once again that we would be leaving soon. Sensing their opportunity was coming to an end, the elderly couple began pushing VERY hard to close the deal. After several more minutes, Steve could no longer contain himself and blurted out very loudly, “DAD, LET’S GET OUT OF THIS G** D*** PLACE!” The couple’s jaws dropped right down to the floor. I was stunned and very embarrassed. My son had never spoken that way to me before, in private or public. But I was also relieved that he gave us a good reason to walk away. I apologized and we scooted out the door. As I looked back, the old couple was still standing there in a state of shock. I think I remember buying my son an ice cream cone on the way home. Steve, was only five but he had nailed it right on the head.

The chronology is a little fuzzy after 30+ years, but I believe my wife and I accepted the Lord just a few months after this encounter. That poor couple was selling a false gospel of works religion and much of their church’s unorthodox doctrine had no connection to the Bible. We Christians proclaim the Good News of salvation by God’s grace through faith in Jesus Christ alone! And we stand on the Truth of God’s Good Word, not on some home-brewed religion or traditions.

Sola Fide, by faith alone.
Sola Scriptura, by Scripture alone.
Solus Christus, through Christ alone.
Sola Gratia, by grace alone.
Soli Deo Gloria, glory to God alone.


8 thoughts on ““Dad, Let’s get out of this blank blank place!”

    1. As you know, it means Scripture alone is our authority. If we followed men as our authority we could be led to believe such anti-Scriptural teachings as even atheists can merit heaven if they “follow their consciences” and are “good.”


      1. Thank you for your reply Sir, it is very interesting. But that leads me to another question regarding these two quotes; “Sola Scriptura, by Scripture alone.” and “Scripture alone is our authority.” Are these quotes written in the Bible somewhere?


      2. See below. Don’t blindly accept what you’ve been fed. A “church” that teaches atheists can merit heaven if they are “good” is without Christ.

        “‘This people honors me with their lips, but their heart is far from me;
        in vain do they worship me,
        teaching as doctrines the commandments of men.’ You leave the commandment of God and hold to the tradition of men.” – Mark 7:7-8



  1. This is taken straight out of the Catholic Catechism:
    Q. Are all bound to belong to the Catholic Church?
    A. All are bound to belong to the Catholic Church, and he who knows the Church to be the true Church and remains out of it cannot be saved.

    Thank you for the links. I took this quote out of one of the articles as it seems to get to the heart of the matter; “Catholics argue that the Bible nowhere states that it is the only authoritative guide for faith and practice. While this is true, they fail to recognize a crucially important issue. We know that the Bible is the Word of God.” So this is saying that it is true that scripture does not state Sola Scriptura, and it further states that; “We know that the Bible is the Word of God.” How do they know?

    The new testament as we know it today, was put together by men, a couple of hundred years after Jesus Christ and his apostles walked the earth, so they were not present to verify the truth of what was written. The only assurance the Church had and stills has today that the new testament was written by who it says it was written by, and that what they wrote is true, is through the assurance of the Papacy. See below;

    We need this assurance because the New Testament by itself cannot verify that the apostles actually wrote it. Neither can it verify by itself that what it claims the apostles wrote is actually true.

    What other assurance do we have?



    1. Catholics’ and evangelicals’ understanding of the ministry of the Holy Spirit are worlds apart. The Lord guided men to write Holy Scripture. Scripture was already widely accepted as such long before Hippo and Carthage.

      Let’s take this farther. Evangelicals of course firmly believe the Holy Spirit raised up men in women in the cause of the Reformation of the church. Catholics naturally disagree with such a claim because the Reformation opposed the “authority” of the church. This all reminds me John 3:1-21. Nicodemus represented the authorized religious system. In opposition to it was Jesus and His rag-tag band of followers. The Holy Spirit worked through the “unauthorized” followers of Christ while the Sadducees and Pharisees clung to their dead, institutional religiosity.


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