Weekend Update – News and Commentary – 8/21/16

It’s time to look back on the news of the past week. Despite some trials and difficulties,AANNTT I’m grateful to the Lord for seven sunrises, seven sunsets, and the many blessings in between.

Catholics are obligated to attend mass every week. Missing a single mass incurs a mortal sin that damns the offender to Hell. In case of emergencies, bishops can temporarily lift the obligation as was done in sections of Louisiana that were recently flooded. But the reality is the vast majority of Catholics flaunt their church’s teaching by not attending weekly mass. Outside of a few memorized prayers and rituals, the VAST majority of Catholics have only a very vague knowledge of their church’s legalistic theology.

It’s irresponsible journalism to write about anti-Catholicism in American history without mentioning the Vatican’s condemnation of democracies and Catholicism’s persecution of non-Catholics in countries where it a held numerical superiority and could negotiate an oppressive concordat with the national government.

Catholic theology gives Christ “formal” preeminence over Mary but in practice Catholic worshippers give as much attention to Mary as Jesus, in many cases even more so. This is so blasphemous and grieves the hearts of Christ’s followers.

Much of Lutheranism drifted into modernism long ago. Catholicism has a long list of distinct beliefs and practices that are repugnant to Bible-believing evangelical Christians, the most significant being a belief in salvation by sacramental grace and merit. There is no common ground between evangelical Christians who uphold the Gospel of salvation by grace through faith alone and Roman Catholics. They remain as one of our mission fields along with liberal Lutherans.

How many Americans actually worship Satan? The number must be extremely small. No, the real danger to Christians is ecumenism with Roman false christianity.

It’s important to remember that although Kolbe may not have been an anti-Semite himself, his publishing ministry was responsible for a great portion of the anti-Semitic vitriol that flooded interwar Poland prior to Hitler’s invasion in September 1939.

As usual, Catholics are worshipping the creation instead of the Creator. It’s all about receiving Jesus Christ as personal Savior but instead these poor Catholics venerate/worship dead people’s bones.

Many Christians still bemoan the secularization of the public school system and other public and governmental institutions. Not me. The dominionist notion of America being a “Christian nation” was a mistake. With their political influence waning, maybe evangelicals can now get back to reaching out to the lost again instead of trying to legislate “morality.” By the way, Billy Graham may have led many to Christ but no one has done more to muddy the Gospel of grace by his embrace of Roman Catholicism.

4 thoughts on “Weekend Update – News and Commentary – 8/21/16

  1. You are absolutely correct about the Protestant pope, Billy Graham and his “soft separation.” I would like to add, that the musical pope – Bill Gaither, has done more to sully church music than any musician alive or dead. He is the master bridge builder between church music and secular music. Don’t anyone think for a second that you can “Christianize” secular music. Kristyn Getty’s singing is so breathy she could give Norah Jones a run for her money.

    We are not supposed to look, act, or sing like the world.

    James 4:4
    Ye adulterers and adulteresses, know ye not that the friendship of the world is enmity with God? whosoever therefore will be a friend of the world is the enemy of God.


    1. Some might use the logic…
      A) Billy Graham is a compromising preacher, therefore B) all preachers are compromising. Most would recognize the above as faulty logic.

      In the same way some might say A) CCM artist X is not God-honoring, therefore B) all CCM music is not God-honoring. Again, faulty logic. We’ve been through this before. Some denominations condemn all musical instruments in the sanctuary and only sing Psalms acapella. Each fellowship must decide their own course on this. This is not a comparison to Billy Graham-Rome. Thanks.


    1. Sorry Jim, didn’t see this one until now. Right. Luther would be shaking his head in disgust. Liberal Lutheranism is pretty much a “dead man walking” at this point but I bet it gives the Catholic church a great amount of pleasure in signing this agreement with the “followers” of it’s arch-schismatic.

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