Weekend Review – News and Commentary

Yes, it’s Saturday morning once again. Where did the week go? Time to look back on the news of the last seven days. GotWRRRRRR my cup of joe so let’s get going!

Reaction to the upcoming 500th anniversary of the Reformation has been varied. Rome’s official approach has been mildly conciliatory as would be expected, Catholic traditionalists have been indignant, mainline Protestants and evangelical ecumenists ask why there ever was a Reformation, while evangelicals faithful to the Gospel of grace believe the Reformation must continue. We’ll surely see many more interesting views on the Reformation as the anniversary date approaches.

You could see this one coming. Even worse to follow.

Conservative Catholic bishops still can’t believe Note Dame recently awarded Biden a medal for being such a great Catholic. Many of them would like to excommunicate the Vice President but the current pope says even atheists are going to heaven if they are “good” so what would be the point?

I thought it was more than a little ironic that Billy Graham is giving advice to people on how to avoid a cult. In the big picture, what’s more dangerous to peoples’ souls; some small, cultish church down in Texas with 70 members or an ecclesiastical mega-institution with 1.2 billion members worldwide that teaches a false gospel of salvation by sacramental grace and merit? Unbeknownst to many evangelicals, Graham regularly enlisted the support of the local Catholic clergy for his crusades. When Catholics came forward and accepted Jesus Christ at Billy Graham crusades, they were referred to Catholic workers who told them their experience was simply a reaffirmation of their Catholic baptism or confirmation.

At first glance it’s encouraging that so many in Latin America seem to be leaving religious legalism for evangelical Christianity, but is that really the situation? Are these people genuinely accepting Jesus Christ as their Savior or are they signing up for the prosperity gospel’s false jesus who offers all of his followers the opportunity to live opulent lifestyles like Joyce Meyer and Kenneth Copeland?

With the advance of Islamic extremism, the world seems to be headed toward some type of cataclysm. Catholic doctrinalists may be outraged by pope Francis’s ecumenism but he’s adroitly positioning the church to take full advantage of the opportunity when it arrives.


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