Weekend Review – News and Commentary

I hope everyone had a nice week! It’s time to take a look at all the news that’s piled up inJB my in-basket over the last seven days:

Like Obama and Clinton, pope Francis is careful to couch his words in such a way that won’t offend Muslims. The vast majority of Muslims obviously don’t support terror, but radical Islam is a growing reality. It’s also very easy to forget that only seventy-years ago the Catholic church had concordats with many nations in Europe and Latin America, which stipulated that Protestants and other non-Catholics be suppressed. Since those days, the goal of Catholicism has pragmatically shifted to global ecumenism centered in Rome.

Just a few months ago, the University of Notre Dame presented its Laetare Medal to Vice-President, Joe Biden, a Roman Catholic, “in recognition of his outstanding service to the Catholic Church and society.” This past week, Biden officiated at the wedding of two male White House staffers. Joe Biden is a good example of the vast majority of Catholics who consider themselves members of the church but thumb their noses at official church teachings.

It’s a long way until November 8 and we’ll be hearing a lot more about Roman Catholic vice presidential candidate Tim Kaine’s support of “reproductive freedom.” Kaine, like Biden and most other American Catholics, identifies as a member of the church but pays absolutely no attention to his bishop. I have very little personal interest in politics – Christians are to be ambassadors of their Lord and their new home in heaven rather than patriots deeply rooted in this world – but I do think it’s interesting how a candidate’s religious beliefs are simultaneously exploited and targeted during these campaigns.

A few months ago, I reported that pope Francis was mulling over appointing a commission to study the possibility of ordaining women as deacons. See here. Conservative priests that I regularly listen to on Catholic talk radio claimed that the the media was once again drawing conclusions that weren’t warranted. After all, John Paul II had already infallibly slammed the door shut on any possibility of female ordination (Ordinatio Sacerdotalis, 1994). But Francis definitely has his own ideas, infallible doctrine or not. Stay tuned.

The Catholic church is aping Protestant evangelization methods these days in an effort to slow down membership attrition but what it offers people is not Good News at all but VERY bad news of trying to merit your way to heaven through the sacraments of the Catholic church and obedience to the Ten Commandments (impossible!) and church rules.

No. The two perspectives are “mutually exclusive” as the article states. Unfortunately, some evangelicals hear Catholics talk about Jesus and “faith” and “grace” and declare, “Close enough!”

News stories of pedophile priests and cover-up by the hierarchy continue to filter in. I think we’ve all become a bit enured to the whole dirty business. The Catholic church’s policy of forced celibacy and the slavish subservience once accorded to the clergy turned seminaries and Catholic schools into breeding grounds of unimaginable deviancy.


5 thoughts on “Weekend Review – News and Commentary

      1. Oh, Maria, I really enjoy it when Catholic bishops quibble about Canon Law! Such a wonderful example of Catholic legalism. 1800 canons and a bevy of lawyers to try to make sense of it. Fifty years ago Biden would have been excommunicated but the current pope says even “good” atheists are going to heaven so I guess all the excommunicants will go to heaven too. Everybody’s headed to heaven according to today’s RCC. It’s a dichotomy that occurs to me often. Catholicism has this intricate religious system still in operation but also declares everyone is on the wide way.

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