I usually don’t read or endorse anything from Chick Publications because many of theirChickee claims against Roman Catholicism are irresponsibly outrageous, but this book was a gift. “The Secret History of the Jesuits” by Edmond Paris was originally published by Librairie Fischbacher in France in 1970 and later republished by Chick Publications in 1975. Multiple editions followed. From what I can tell, Paris (1894-1970) was a quasi-historian who specialized in Vatican exposés in much the same vein as Avro Manhattan.

There’s no doubt the Jesuits were involved in more nasty business than we’ll ever see in mainstream history books. The order was committed to foiling Protestantism and extending Catholicism by any means necessary. But Paris goes where no academic historian would dare by adding two plus two to equal five in several of his far-reaching extrapolations presented as fact. There’s some excellent information here mixed in with some sensationalistic blarney such as the Jesuit’s alleged orchestration of both the First and Second World Wars. The translation is somewhat choppy, making for some challenging reading. Also, Paris goes into great detail recounting the Jesuits’ role in French politics and history, which won’t resonate with American readers.

On page 269 of my edition (no publication date indicated), Chick added a publisher’s note claiming the Vatican with its “communist pope” (Karol Wojtyla aka Pope John Paul II) had thrown its support to the Kremlin and was “preparing a concordat with Russia.” Chick continues, “Moscow will serve the Vatican as the muscle to conquer nations where Roman Catholicism will be the only religion tolerated worldwide.” The subsequent fall of the Soviet empire foiled Chick’s wayward and preposterous prophecy.

Chick Publications built quite a little empire for itself among fundamentalist Christians back in the 1970s and 1980s with its Jesuit conspiracy theories. Unfortunately, Chick’s irresponsible flailings harmed the efforts of credible ministries to Roman Catholics. Christians interested in responsible critiques of Catholicism should avoid the Chick quagmire and seek out books by James G. McCarthy, James R. White, Rob Zins, and William Webster, among others. For more of my viewpoint regarding Chick Publications, see here.


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    1. Thanks, Jim. Back in the early 80s I bought all of the Chick books that had to do with Catholicism – must have been 10-15 books. According to Chick, the Jesuits controlled everything except his printing presses.

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