Weekend Roundup – News and Commentary

I hope everyone had a good week at work. Now it’s time to do a few chores around theWRRR house, catch a few zzzzzs on the backyard hammock, and get caught up on the news with the weekend roundup!

Reports of Marian appearances are on the uptick. What does it all mean? I could be wrong but I’m of the opinion that these Marian apparitions will play a key role in the endtimes.

Opposition to pope Francis continues to escalate among Catholic conservatives and traditionalists who don’t comprehend that Francis is softening rigid doctrinalism in order to make Rome more appealing to the non-Catholic masses. The last article attempts to downplay the anti-Francis faction but the proof is in the proverbial pudding.

The Catholic church is reaching out to young people with commercials at movie theaters. But if the curious visit a Catholic church what will they find? There’s plenty of ritual, ceremony, traditions, formalism, and salvation by sacramental grace and merit but nothing pointing people to a personal, saving relationship with Jesus Christ. It’s a whited sepulchre.

That’s a rhetorical question if there ever was one. But the bottom line is no religious system, whether introspective or formal, can save. Only Jesus Christ can save. Turn from religion and accept Jesus Christ as your Savior.

Last weekend’s ecumenical jesus-fest, Together 2016, held in Washington D.C., shut down five hours early because of the 96-degree heat index. A judgement from the Lord? Together 2016 was the first public event organized by evangelicals which featured a pope as one of the speakers. Expect a ramp-up of ecumenical compromise and apostasy within evangelicalism going forward. Pray that Catholics will continue to be reached by faithful stewards of the Gospel of salvation by God’s grace through faith in Jesus Christ alone.

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