Mormon featured on TBN defending “our Judeo-Christian values”

Last night I was winding down the day by enjoying my usual evening ritual: laying in bedAABBCC while channel surfing. I happened to catch a glimpse of a special on the Trinity Broadcasting Network, “Foundations of Freedom,” featuring conservative polemicist, Glenn Beck (left), and Christian nationalist, David Barton (right). I didn’t watch for very long, but Beck and Barton were talking about defending America’s status as a “Christian nation.”

So, we now have a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (Mormons), Glenn Beck, featured on a supposedly evangelical Christian television network, defending America as a Christian nation? Hey, who cares about correct doctrine? Don’t be a nitpicker! We all love America! We all love Jesus and our Judeo-Christian values!  We need to forget about doctrinal squabbles and embrace each other and fight the secular and non-Christian hordes amassing inside and outside our gates! Right? That’s the priority, correct?

Christians in America are betraying the Gospel in the name of national pride and nobody says a thing.

13 thoughts on “Mormon featured on TBN defending “our Judeo-Christian values”

  1. I didn’t know Beck was Mormon. I’ve never watched (listened?) to him, but it is disconcerting when Mormons are considered Christians because they claim to believe in Jesus, and even have him in their official name. Never mind that their Jesus is quite different from ours.

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    1. Thanks, Caroline. I studied Mormonism quite a bit and it’s radically different from evangelical Christianity. Their claim that Native Americans are descendants of Hebrews who came to the Americas in boats in 600 BC is enough to debunk the entire business.


      1. There’s a lot about it that defies common sense, not the least of which is good evidence for its historical claims. That intelligent people ascribe to it testifies to the reality that folks have other motivations to aligning themselves with a particular belief system than the veracity of its truth claims. It seems that some are not even interested in that, which just boggles my mind.

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  2. Tom, you wrote “Christians in America are betraying the Gospel in the name of national pride and nobody says a thing.” This is a fact. I think the Church in the U.S. is confused on so many things, like the place of patriotism in our lives and on the Gospel itself. Keep speaking up, my brother.
    I checked the painting that is in the picture with Beck and Barton. The painter made some interesting statements about it. Go here,

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    1. Thanks so much for your comments, Maria, and for the link. I think most American Christians would strongly approve of this painting. Unfortunately, American pastors have perpetuated the “Christian nation” concept for 240 years.

    1. Thanks, Jim. Fifty years ago no one could have possibly imagined an evangelical embracing a Mormon in the pursuit of “Christian” unity on a national media venue.

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