Weekly Roundup – News and Commentary

The reports below caught my attention during this past week:WR

The conservative Catholic revolt against pope Francis continues.

Francis is hoping to keep moving the Orthodox into his sheepfold, but the guys with long beards aren’t cooperating…

…but at the same time, evangelicals jostle in line to pay homage to “his holiness.”

While evangelical Judases line up at the Vatican for photo ops with the pope, rank and file Catholics have become increasingly alienated from their church. Research shows 40 percent of Catholics don’t believe their priests turn bread and wine into the literal body, blood, soul, and divinity of Jesus Christ. Only 24 percent of Catholics attend obligatory mass every Sunday.

From our 21st-century perch, the early Americans’ anti-Catholic prejudice seems oh-so distasteful. But their antipathy was an understandable reaction to Catholicism’s bloody intolerance of all “heretical sects” and its outspoken opposition to any and all forms of democratic government.

The article above provides a good summary of the ongoing persecution of evangelicals by Catholics in Southern Mexico. This kind of anti-Protestant oppression was widespread throughout all of Latin America fifty years ago.


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