If you focus on the weekend, you’ll miss the week

Tomorrow is Friday and I’m definitely looking forward to it. On Fridays I get to WFH –WEEK work from home – which makes for a more relaxing day. But Fridays don’t have the same appeal when you’re walking with the Lord. What? You don’t believe me? Let me explain.

Most unbelievers are living from weekend to weekend. They dislike or hate their jobs and see the work week as something they have to tolerate at best so they can get to the weekend so they can relax and do what they want. They revel in Friday night, Saturday, and Sunday until Sunday evening when they begin contemplating the approaching dreaded work week. And then the cycle starts all over again, week after week, year after year.

After you accept the Lord as your Savior, He pulls you out of that cycle. Every day is a day in the Lord. My job? I don’t always love it but I appreciate it so much. He blesses me every day throughout the week. When you accept Christ and begin to walk with Him, it’s kind of like He pulls you up out of the frustrating details of daily living and allows you to see some of the bigger picture. Ah, I get it! No need to get all angry, frustrated, and disappointed with this or that annoying circumstance. The Lord has got it under control. Every day becomes a little bit more like a weekend day the closer you’re walking with Him. Jesus becomes our goal, our rest, and our satisfaction, NOT the two days away from the office.

Yes, I’m glad tomorrow’s Friday but the Lord gives me tremendous blessings throughout the week. Instead of eagerly anticipating the weekend, focus on Jesus Christ and every day will be Friday. Thank you, Jesus! All praise to You!

“I will exalt you, my God the King; I will praise your name for ever and ever. Every day I will praise you and extol your name for ever and ever.” – Psalm 145:1-2

Trivia corner: The days of the week are named after pagan gods. Can you identify them?

  • Sunday is devoted to the sun god. The most famous sun god of the ancient pagan world was the Egyptians’ Ra.
  • Monday is named after the moon god.
  • Tuesday is named after the Germanic god, Tiu.
  • Wednesday is dedicated to the Norse god, Woden or Odin.
  • Thursday honors the Norse god, Thor.
  • Friday memorializes Freya, wife of Woden.
  • Saturday is devoted to the Roman god, Saturn.

Christians use these day names that honor pagan gods without even thinking about it. Of course, it’s the same thing for the months of the year. But there’s no need to freak out about it. Believers are in the world but not of the world. Our work for the Lord is not dependent on what the unbelieving world names its days and months. Let’s focus on the Gospel of Jesus Christ!


6 thoughts on “If you focus on the weekend, you’ll miss the week

  1. Truly I love this, and love the way you went about writing this. The way you ended it with the days of the week representing gods and in the end easing the stress of those who freak out over such things by reminding the reader you are in but not of the world, perfectly stated. Also I relate so heavily to this post because I literally missed out on this beautiful pool party that my wife’s family held and I missed an opportunity to meat the rest of her family. At First I was distraught but remembered that if I’m going back to work it is because God has something for me to do here and there will be other opportunities to meet everyone. everything wound up working out and I was able to strengthen a patients faith in God that day 🙂

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    1. Thanks for the nice comments, Julian. The entire world searches for meaning and purpose and that’s all fulfilled in Christ…in addition to salvation of course. Yes, the closer we walk with Him and the more we yield to His will the better everything becomes. Let’s keep our vision focused and our hearts soft. It’s a blessing that you can minister to the sick.

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  2. Once again Tom, you have hit the nail on the head. Everyday is a great day because we have Jesus in our lives. My favorite day of the week is Sunday, when I can get together with my family and friends and corporately worship the Lord. I praise and worship all week long, but having that time on Sunday, refuels my spirit for the week.

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    1. Thanks, Carlene. My wife and I really enjoy Sunday worship, also. We had a negative experience at our previous church, my wife never wanted to attend church again, but the Lord led us to this fellowship 8 months ago and we’re so happy.


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