Evangelicals invite pope to address ecumenical Jesus fest

The evangelical organizers of the “Together 2016” rally to be held in Washington, D.TGRR C. on July 16th are hoping one million Christians will attend the event for the purpose of praying “that God will change the hearts of a divided America.”

Pope Francis has been invited to address the rally. Although he won’t be attending the event in person, Francis will be delivering a video message to the audience.

I’m scratching my head over this one, just like I do with all evangelical ecumenical enterprises. Evangelicals supposedly believe in the Gospel of salvation by God’s grace through faith in Jesus Christ alone. But pope Francis is the head of a religious institution that teaches salvation is through sacramental grace and merit.

A Catholic must participate in their church’s sacraments administered by its priests to obtain grace. But the Catholic must then “cooperate with grace” and obey the Ten Commandments and church rules as they attempt to merit Heaven. A Catholic can never say they are “saved” because their salvation is dependent upon if they obey the Ten Commandments (impossible!) and church rules right up to the moment of their death.

Not a Catholic? No need to worry. The Catholic church has declared that people of all religions can also merit Heaven if they “follow the light they’ve been given.” Don’t believe in God? Not a problem. Francis says even atheists can merit Heaven if they “follow their consciences” and are “good.”

None of the above is the Gospel of grace through faith. So why would these “evangelicals” invite pope Francis to speak to their audience? I’m guessing that most of the organizers, speakers, and entertainers at this event lean towards seeker/purpose driven/emergent christianity, which minimizes (or dismisses) doctrine and embraces everyone who “just loves Jesus.”

Evangelicalism is certainly getting squishy these days. Just about anything goes as long as you “just love Jesus” or even if you’re a “nice” atheist.

Will YOU stand up for the undiluted Gospel?

“But the most important thing is if you love Jesus, we’re on the same team.” – Rick Warren, purpose driven, ecumenical pastor, on Roman Catholicism.

Pope Francis Joins Lecrae, Hillsong at Historic 1 Million-Strong ‘Together 2016’ DC Event


13 thoughts on “Evangelicals invite pope to address ecumenical Jesus fest

  1. I went to my nieces first communion 2 weeks ago and it hurt to sit through the mass…the priest made no sense whatsoever, what gospel he read from or studied from idk..I viewed and heard everything differently…now that I know the truth.

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    1. Thanks, Andi. Yes, we attended our nine-year-old German grandson’s perfunctory first communion in April. He doesn’t know Jesus and he doesn’t want to know Jesus. The entire thing was a ceremonial sham. As we discussed before, unless you were part of it, it seems to be “somewhat” Christian.

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      1. Lol!!!! Omg…literally. well Tom I think you should share your relationship with our Lord with your grandson as he becomes older. I read this to my 11 year old..he laughed and said wow, that’s funny but sad that all those people don’t know Jesus. He said Jesus isn’t a cracker..lol. I believe your grandson is ready to know the truth if he already feels no connection. Maybe send him books etc. Have you seen the Action Bible for kids? It’s written in comic book form, my son loves it. Just a suggestion.

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      2. Thanks a lot, Andi! There is a bit of a language barrier and our daughter-in-law is not only neutral about God, she’s anti-God. But this kind of traditional religious ritual is VERY important to her. We shared Christ with her whole family during the visit (for them it’s all about “being good”) and we’re now working to have more of a relationship with our grandson to be able to share Christ with him. Thanks for the Action Bible suggestion. I’m going to look for a German version.

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