Nation’s largest distributor of “Christian” products turning out the lights

The article below reports that the nation’s largest distributor of “Christian” products,AO Send the Light Distribution, is going out of business, another casualty of and on-line shopping and possibly the increasing secularization of our society.

We have two Christian bookstores in our county, both owned by the same individual. I’ve written about the store closest to me previously. See here.

Every couple of weeks I like to visit the store and look around. They certainly do carry a LOT of “Jesus junk;” t-shirts, trinkets, posters, tchotchke, CDs, DVDs, etc. But one person’s “junk” is another person’s treasure. Naturally, they stock many books from the TBN crowd; Joel Olsteen, T.D. Jakes, Joseph Prince, Creflo Dollar, Kenneth Copeland, Joyce Meyer, Sarah Young, Beth Moore, etc., all fodder for the kitty litter box. There’s also a TON of Amish romance novels. What’s that all about? They also have a small Catholic section with saints’ prayer cards and medals and plenty of saint Joseph statues for house sellers to bury in the yard to secure a quick sale. See here. But there are also a few good books mixed in here and there. If I spot a book or Bible study aid from a doctrinally solid source that I’m interested in, I’ll usually go back home and see if I can order it cheaper via Amazon (new or used), which usually turns out to be the case. The bookstore does mail out a monthly flyer with coupons and I’ve used those several times.

I imagine the local Christian bookstore is probably struggling given the rise in on-line shopping and will soon go the way of the distributor. Very soon. Again, the inventory is probably around 90% garbage…okay, 95%…but I’m from that generation that still enjoys going to a “brick and mortar” store and occasionally finding a gem (which I often end up ordering online). I’m going to miss that bookstore if and when it goes. Many souls in our area have been blessed by the Bibles and the relatively few good books sold at the store over the years. Browsing through that store (when it was located at the four corners of a nearby village) was part of my journey to Christ 40 years ago. I remember walking in there the first couple of times hoping nobody I knew saw me! Can anyone else relate?

America’s Largest Distributor of Christian Products Closing Down This Summer


9 thoughts on “Nation’s largest distributor of “Christian” products turning out the lights

  1. I love bookstores, even a bad one! Down my way we have Mardel, and Lifeway. I guess those are the big ones. Of course the Bogard Press, which is the literature arm for the American Baptist Association is a couple of hour away if I wanted to drive to it. I hate to see any business like this go under, because especially with books, I really like to see touch and feel. I’m old fashioned that way, I guess. I don’t even have Kindle.

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    1. I said I would NEVER buy a Kindle but our youngest son bought me one about 5 years ago and then upgraded me two years ago. It’s the deluxe model that’s more like a tablet than a reader and it’s basically replaced our laptop. I became a bookstore junkie starting around the age of 11. Rochester used to have many bookstores but it’s now pretty much just Barnes and Noble and the Parable stores I wrote about. I guess I still prefer a hard copy but if you’re on the run the Kindle just can’t be beat.

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      1. My wife has a Kindle Fire and really likes it. I can see how that would be easier than carrying around a tote of books like I have been know to do when I go somewhere LOL

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  2. Tom, I am in agreement with you, that even though all of us use online bookstores for most purchases, being able to go into a brick and mortar store, and actually holding the book in your hands, flipping through it, even smelling the print on the pages-for me, is a book lover’s paradise. Sorry to see that this company is closing; I am not familiar with them.

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    1. Thanks, Carlene. Yes, I miss all the bookstores in our city that have closed. We’re basically down to a couple of Barnes and Nobles and the 2 Christian book stores I mentioned.

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