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Below are several stories on Roman Catholicism that caught my eye over the last week,News along with some commentary:

Some Catholic churches have adopted evangelism programs that “mimic” evangelicalism. Results? Traditionalist parishioners are alienated and the bottom line is salvation is still by sacramental grace and merit.

I’m convinced Marian apparitions will play a big part in the end times’ world religion.

Is there no end to this disgusting scandal?

I actually give credit to these Catholic traditionalists for revealing the unvarnished attitude of Catholicism towards evangelicals. Hyper-Catholic, Michael Voris, is exactly right! Catholics and evangelicals DO NOT worship the same Jesus. The Jesus who saved me and who I worship cannot be eaten or placed in a monstrance and He doesn’t save the self-righteous who think they successfully obey the Ten Commandments.

I put zero stock in sociological descriptors like “highly religious” but it’s interesting to see that 83% of “highly religious” evangelicals claim to read the Bible daily compared to only 42% of “highly religious” Catholics. Since survey responses often involve a lot of wishful thinking, my suspicion is the actual percentage of pious Catholics who actually read the Bible daily is even much lower.

I’ve been watching this drama unfold at St. Frances X. Cabrini for many years. With an increasing number of Catholics no longer practicing their “faith,” parishes have been closing and merging en masse. The parishioners at St. Frances X. Cabrini church in Scituate, Massachusetts defied their bishop and prevented their church from being closed for 11 years. These holdouts represent a large percentage of practicing Catholics; their “faith” is all about the “brick and mortar.” It’s all about the building, ritual, traditions, and ceremony and nothing about a saving relationship with Jesus Christ. But the church hierarchy can’t get too upset with these defiant parishioners because “brick and mortar” religion is what they’ve been teaching for the past 1500 years.

The history of the papacy is the history of the Catholic church. Under the popes, simple, saving faith in Jesus Christ devolved into religious ritualism and legalism, controlled by ecclesiastical monarchs with incredible appetites for wealth and power. In this article, it’s claimed pope Boniface VIII was the “least saintly pope.” But I would suggest that, because ALL of the popes promoted a religious system which taught an anti-gospel of salvation by sacramental grace and merit, NONE of them were “saintly.” It’s actually very difficult to choose which pope was the most corrupt. See my review of “Vicars of Christ: The Dark Side of the Papacy” here.

John MacArthur’s uncompromising stand for the Gospel offends many and he’s one of a shrinking number of nationally known evangelical pastors who publicly confront the errors of Roman Catholicism. MacArthur’s comments were in reference to Roman Catholic Hispanics, not evangelical Hispanics. The VAST majority of the Hispanic population is Catholic. And MacArthur is correct; Catholic Hispanics generally have not accepted Christ because their church has not presented them with the Gospel of salvation by God’s grace through faith in Jesus Christ alone. But an increasing number of evangelicals would view MacArthur’s statements as “divisive” and “unkind.”

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