Where are the Lloyd-Jonses and Spurgeons of today?

These days, messages about correct doctrine won’t generally be received by evangelicals with anySPUR measure of approval. That applies not only to WordPress blogs but also to evangelical pulpits. Sermons today are written with the goal of not offending anyone. Doing so would negatively impact the numbers. What we now have in evangelicalism is a watered-down brand of christianity that’s long on feel-good emotionalism but short on content. “We all “believe” in Jesus and that’s good enough,” is the message people want to hear. More often than not, that’s what they get. I understand there are many secondary differences among evangelicals that won’t be resolved this side of glory but the Gospel of salvation by God’s grace through faith in Jesus Christ ALONE should never be compromised. Religious error that opposes or confuses the Gospel of grace should never be accommodated or cooperated with. But that message doesn’t play in Peoria.

The article below examines the similarities between Charles Spurgeon and Martyn Lloyd-Jones, two men of God from the past who weren’t afraid to point at heresy and call it heresy. Where are the Spurgeons and Lloyd-Joneses of today? Some free will believers may object to Spurgeon’s and Lloyd-Jones’s strong Calvinism but let’s not quibble over secondaries.

Lord, raise up pastors and Christian leaders who are faithful to You and Your Word rather than crowd pleasers.

10 similarities between Charles Spurgeon and Martyn Lloyd-Jones: What do Martyn Lloyd-Jones and Charles Spurgeon have in common?
By Will Graham
Evangelical Focus
January 23, 2016

Against all odds, two deceased British preachers are coming back into fashion in our days, and not just in the English-speaking world. Thanks to a great resurgence in the Protestant faith throughout the Hispanic world, the nineteenth-century “Prince of Preachers” Charles Spurgeon and the twentieth-century “Prince of Expositors” Martyn Lloyd-Jones are selling hundreds of thousands of books every year. Due to the renewed interest in these two defenders of the Gospel, this article will draw out ten similarities between Spurgeon and Lloyd-Jones so that we may know them better and follow their example of faithfulness to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ…

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3 thoughts on “Where are the Lloyd-Jonses and Spurgeons of today?

    1. I re-read the article after fixing the link. Will Graham was a good writer who wrote several excellent critiques of RC-ism for Evangelical Focus. He stopped writing for the magazine two years ago for some reason.

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