“Five reasons why I cannot pray to the Virgin Mary”

Why I do not pray to Mary: Five reasons why I cannot pray to the Virgin MaryMary
By Will Graham
Evangelical Focus

Mary. What a wonderful woman of God. Her faith, her obedience and her wholehearted submission to the will of God never cease to amaze me.

Down and throughout the ages few saints have been as sorely tried and tested as she was; and yet through it all, she remained faithful to the God of Israel and to the Son she so problematically bore. No Bible loving person can fail to be moved by Mary’s God-centered love; but at the same time, no Bible reader could ever fall into the trap of turning Jesus’ mother into a quasi-Savior-like figure to whom we must pray and intercede earnestly (and through whom we have access to the Father). Such thinking is a blatant distortion of New Testament faith. So do I pray to Mary? No, I don’t. Why don’t I pray to her? Let me offer you a bouquet of reasons.

1.- Mary isn’t God
One, I don’t pray to Mary because Mary isn’t God. The Bible makes it crystal clear that prayer is to be directed to God and God alone. The Bible strictly prohibits the deification of any creature in the stead of God. I can’t help thinking how horrified mild Mary would have been had she realized that so many billions of biblically ignorant ‘believers’ would use her name to usurp the authority of the Almighty.

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7 thoughts on ““Five reasons why I cannot pray to the Virgin Mary”

    1. Thanks, Maria! Evangelical Focus has some solid articles about Catholicism, which is surprising given they’re based in Europe. We don’t see articles like this from “mainstream” American evangelicalism.

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    1. Thanks, Jim. I agree. Evangelicals should seriously ponder exactly what is being intended in the second half of the “Hail Mary” prayer, which is extremely popular throughout Catholicism:
      “…Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners, now and at the hour of our death. Amen” 1) Mary is called upon as Mediatrix and 2) the supplicants are hoping their own works are good enough to merit salvation along with an assist from the “Queen of Heaven.”

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