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It’s time to empty my in-basket of news that caught my attention this past week:

Peter Kreeft is one of Roman Catholicism’s most popular apologists. In his many books, he promotes the Catholic gospel of sacramental grace and merit. In his most recent book, “How to be Holy: First Steps in Becoming a Saint,” Kreeft advises the reader on the progressive steps that must be taken to achieve sanctification and merit Heaven. In contrast, the Bible says we have absolutely no merit in and of ourselves, but the “Good News” is the perfect Savior paid the entire penalty for our sins. All we must do is repent of our sins and accept the free gift of salvation offered by Jesus Christ. After we accept Jesus as Savior, we should follow and obey Him as Lord. Sanctification comes AFTER justification through Christ, not the other way around, as Catholicism teaches.

An interesting, short article from European-based Evangelical Focus about the various Reformation movements. Why don’t we see these kinds of articles from American-based evangelical sources?

I’m certainly not a fan of the prosperity preachers that broadcast on TBN. I actually think I need to write a post about those guys in the near future. But given the history of the Roman Catholic church, does it strike anyone else as over-the-top ironic that the pope would criticize others for being greedy and materialistic? That’s like Ronald MacDonald condemning the greasy spoon Greek diner down the road for serving unhealthy food.

Catholic traditionalists and conservatives are fit to be tied regarding their reform pope and the frustration is boiling over. How far can one go in opposition to the pope and still be Catholic?

In Southern Mexico, evangelicals continue to be harassed and persecuted by the Catholic majority, but no one seems to get too upset about it. Evangelicals need to continue to keep our brothers and sisters south of the border in our prayers as they suffer in the name of Christ.


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