What’s the difference between Evangelical Christianity and Roman Catholicism?

These days, many people lump evangelicals and Roman Catholics together under theBBB “Christian” label. But there are many distinct and vitally important differences between evangelicals and Catholics. Take a listen to this sermon from the pastor of the evangelical church I attend:

What’s the Difference? The Roman Catholic Church
Pastor David Whiting
Northridge Church, Rochester, NY
June 15,2008


8 thoughts on “What’s the difference between Evangelical Christianity and Roman Catholicism?

    1. Thanks a lot for taking the trouble to listen, Steven, and for your comment. I thought it was a very fair presentation of some of the main differences between evangelicalism and Catholicism. I tend to be a bit more blunt. By the way, David is moving on to a different ministry and will be leaving the church soon. We’ll miss him. We’ve been going to the church for six months and it’s definitely been some of the best teaching we’ve had.

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      1. Yes, it seemed to me to be a very fair presentation. I am wrestling with a lot of these issues at the moment so your post came at an appropriate time. I hope your church will find an equally passionate pastor when David moves on. Thanks for all your blog posts, I always read with interest. Best wishes, Steven

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    1. Thanks for listening, Maria, and for your comment. As I wrote another blogger, David, goes way out of his way to be fair in that sermon/lecture. I’m a bit more blunt. David will be leaving soon as he heads off to a different ministry. My wife and I will really miss his teaching. He often refers to the 5 Solas in his sermons and that’s music to my ears (and spirit).

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