Persecution of evangelicals continues in Catholic Mexico

Commentators frequently like to remind us that anti-Catholic bigotry was onceAAA2 widespread in America. What the commentators neglect to mention is that some of that intolerance and paranoia stemmed from the knowledge of how Protestants were treated in countries where Catholics were in the majority. Several Popes issued declarations maintaining their god-given responsibility to oppress and limit non-Catholic religions in league with the civil government. Protestants were persecuted in Catholic-dominated European and South American countries right up into the mid-20th century. The intolerance continues even today in some parts of the world.

I’ve reported on the persecution of evangelical Christians in Mexico several times in the last nine months. Below are some recent stories. The Mexican bishops could put an end to this oppression with one official statement but they remain silent.

Mexico: Evangelical Christian beaten and imprisoned after he refused to convert to Catholicism – 3/30/16

Evangelical Christians Facing Persecution in Mexico for Refusing to Convert to Catholicism – 4/20/16

Mexican Evangelicals Left Without Water After Refusing to Fund Roman Catholic Festivity – 4/21/16

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