Muddying the Gospel at “Azusa Now”

The article from the Catholic news source below reports on a recent gathering ofAN 90,000 Pentecostals, charismatics, and Catholics at the Los Angeles Coliseum to celebrate the 110th anniversary of the Azusa Street Revival.

Some evangelicals view such an event as a wonderful thing; a manifestation of Jesus’ call for Christian unity in John 17. Others, like myself, see “Azusa Now” as part of the ongoing betrayal of the Gospel of salvation by God’s grace through faith in Jesus Christ alone. Doctrine takes a back seat to emotional euphoria as Catholic priests and Protestant pastors embrace each other as fellow brothers in Christ. But Catholicism teaches a decidedly different “gospel” than the Gospel of evangelical Christianity. Catholics believe salvation comes through its clergy-administered sacraments and then by successfully obeying the Ten Commandments (impossible!) and church rules. One belief system can be summarized as “done” (personal faith in the finished work of Jesus Christ), while the other can be summarized by “do” (meriting salvation by “cooperating” with God’s grace). There is no point of agreement between the two diametrically opposed messages, but at “Azusa Now” and similar gatherings, experiential ecstasy trumps Truth and right doctrine.

The river is muddy and getting muddier.

Obviously, not all Pentecostals and charismatics embrace Catholicism as Christian, but it’s difficult not to do so when the obligatory gifts of the spirit are manifested by Catholics who are also unwavering in their faithfulness to their church’s doctrines.

Christians pack Coliseum for revival: Catholics join thousands of believers to mark 110th anniversary of Pentecostal Azuza [sic] revival



4 thoughts on “Muddying the Gospel at “Azusa Now”

  1. I believe G-d will judge us according to both grace and truth. I’ve met followers of Jesus all over the world, with all different levels of knowledge about the Bible and history of the Church. Isn’t G-d big enough to use us according to the light we know? Thank you for your honesty!


    1. Thanks. The pope says everyone, even atheists, can merit Heaven if they “follow the light they’ve been given” and are “good.” But our own consciences condemn us. There is no plea outside of the righteousness of Jesus Christ. Those who think they must obey the Ten Commandments in order to merit salvation are sadly mistaken. They break the commandments every day.

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