Auf wiedersehen!

To all my brothers and sisters in the Lord at WordPress,MS

My wife and I are traveling to Germany tomorrow for a 12-day visit to see our daughter-in-law and grandson. We haven’t seen them in 5 years (long story) so we’re really looking forward to it. They live in a lovely, little village (pictured) in the southwest corner of the country, not far from Landstuhl and Ramstein, for you service vets.

We’re also planning a little side trip to northeast Switzerland. My wife’s grandfather was originally from Zurich and I want to check out some of the historic sites associated with the Reformer, Huldrych Zwingli. On the way to Zurich, I also want to stop at Constance (Konstanz), to visit the house (now a museum) where the early Reformer, Jan Hus, lived before he was condemned to death by the Council of Constance and burnt at the stake in 1415. The building still stands where the Council met. Besides condemning Hus, the bishops also tried to sort out which of the three popes reigning at the same time was “legitimate.”

During our trip, I’ll be checking out WordPress every now and then but I’ll probably be posting very infrequently. Please remember us to the Lord for traveling mercies! Danke schön!

Auf wiedersehen und preisen Gott!

15 thoughts on “Auf wiedersehen!

      1. It’s a very nice little town, Tom. We used to walk down from the Hospital compound every Saturday and shop and eat something. Right on the corner going up the hill was the best restaurant. Yum. What village do your folks live in? I have been in most every town around SW Germany, as we were fanatical Volksmarchers.

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