“Amen: The Autobiography of a Nun”

Today, I was scanning the news about Catholicism on the internet and came across theSJ story below from India:

No Spotlight in India: Sex abuse in Catholic Church a blind spot?

Clerical sexual misconduct is an unintended consequence of enforced celibacy, whether in the United States, India, or elsewhere. The article mentions an autobiography written by an Indian nun, Sister Jesme, which details the many abuses she encountered:

Amen: The Autobiography of a Nun
By Sister Jesme
Penguin, 2009, 192 pages

The book is available from Amazon.com. I ordered my copy and I’ll be posting a review somewhere down the road.

The movie, “Spotlight,” which just won the Oscar for Best Film of 2015 for its portrayal of the investigation of pedophile priests in Boston was based on:

Betrayal: The Crisis in the Catholic Church
By The Investigative Staff of the Boston Globe
Back Bay Books, 2003, 304 pages

A 2015 edition is available at Amazon.com.

For centuries the Catholic church was able to largely conceal the abuses inflicted by its celibate clergy but, thanks be to God, the church is at least now under the unsympathetic spotlight of  public scrutiny.


7 thoughts on ““Amen: The Autobiography of a Nun”

  1. Tom, are you familiar with former Vatican reporter Greg Szymanski, and his radio interview of “Svali” (pseudonym), a former child victim from a wealthy Illumanati family who described ritualistic child sacrifice in the catacombs beneath the Vatican? Per Greg, she was the second woman to report such Vatican atrocities to him.
    Here is a link to a transcript of that ~2 hour long interview:
    and here is a link to more categorized information about the Illumaniti via this former victim/programmer who has since come to Christ:
    God will continue to bless and keep all Christ followers who read this material: His light exposes what lies in darkness.

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    1. Thanks, Deanna. I studied Masonry, the Illuminati, and the Rosicrucians many years ago. I think there’s some truth in conspiracy theories but I also think it can turn into a bit of a rabbit hole. Same with the Jesuits. I think the Jesuits were probably involved in a LOT more subterfuge than they’ll ever be given credit for but some of the exposes go too far and present theories as fact. I’m not saying my viewpoint is the only correct one, but I think there’s plenty of embarrassing, verifiable history to indict Catholicism with and that should be the focus. Other Christians will disagree with me and that’s fine.

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      1. I understand your concerns, Tom. We are to be wise as serpents and gentle as doves – we are to discern, and act in accordance with the Holy Spirit.
        The Lord had me present the information herein to you and all readers of this site who are led to examine the information in accordance with His Holy Spirit, NOT out of a “soulish” pursuit of “head knowledge.” Our opinions and reasonings don’t factor into it – they are not of God.

        Scripture clearly teaches us Satan conspires against Christ via people, including through the “kings of the earth.” I just recently learned myself that conspiracy is FACT per God, not theory! Psalm 2, the life of Jesus, the book of Revelation, etc. reveal this with great clarity! How about that: it turns out that “conspiracy theory” is actually a worldly term; Scripture reveals conspiracy against God’s children is fact.

        Praise God we overcome ALL things IN CHRIST! 😊

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      2. Deanna, you may have misunderstood me. I agree these organizations are very real and are a part of Satan’s overall designs against the Lord and His revealed Word. But I also think there are many writers who go way too far with theories and extrapolations in their efforts to exploit the public’s interest. Some advocates become so tangled up in the conspiracy worldview that it becomes their raison d’être. I have a few family members who are so enmeshed in a conspiracy worldview that it has completely overwhelmed their lives, which is why I advise caution. Yes, Jesus has already overcome all of Satan’s designs and we can rest in His victory!

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      3. Oh, I understood you! But I’m glad nevertheless you write what you just did!
        Again, the key is DISCERNMENT (what is the often subtle RESPONSE of the Spirit from deep within our core vs. the REACTION of the old Adamic fallen nature trying to get back in us)! It matters not what we think or reason, for that’s of the fallen nature that ate from the tree of knowledge of good and evil; WHAT MATTERS IS TRUTH, that is, CHRIST. We must deny self every moment throughout the day, and LET Him move us as a hand moves a fine leather glove.
        Writers who become ensnared in WHATEVER they write are not denying self and submitting to the Lord. Please read just about any article on The Lord Is With Us under the heading “The Latest Word of Encouragement” for more about living as God desires for us to live: fully in His provision here in this world (but not OF it) now. God bless you, brother!

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