“Spotlight” wins Best Picture

I’m not a fan of awards shows but I did take notice that “Spotlight” earned the Oscar for Bestspotlight Picture of 2015 at the Academy Awards last night. The film examines the true story of a small team of investigative reporters at the Boston Globe in 2001-2002 who uncovered the unspeakable serial sexual abuse of children by Catholic priests in the Boston diocese for decades and the subsequent cover-up at the highest levels of the church hierarchy. More tragically, the abuse was widespread throughout the entire country.

“Spotlight” is an unflinching look at the betrayal of Catholic children by their church and should be seen by everyone. Hopefully, many more will see this film as a result of its Best Picture Oscar.

I’m certainly not an admirer of the Catholic church, mainly because it teaches a false gospel of sacramental grace and merit. The abuse of children by pedophile priests and the subsequent cover-up were symptoms of the general corruption and false teaching that permeates Catholicism.

2 thoughts on ““Spotlight” wins Best Picture

    1. Thanks, Andi. Yes, evil and tragic beyond words. I felt like crying for all those children while watching this film at the theater. As opposed to popular belief and the belief of many religious people, “The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it?”

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