Odds and Ends

1) As the Zika Virus becomes pandemic, increasing pressure will be brought to bear on theOAE Catholic hierarchy to change its “infallible” ban on non-abortive contraceptives.

Catholic Leaders Say Zika Doesn’t Change Ban on Contraception


2) Wheaton College and Larycia Hawkins, the professor who was suspended after making a controversial statement in support of Muslims in December – “as Pope Francis stated last week, (Christians and Muslims) worship the same God,” – have mutually agreed to part ways. The suspension ignited a firestorm within evangelicalism with many siding with Hawkins. The apostasy continues.

Wheaton College, Larycia Hawkins to ‘Part Ways’


3) In his continuing ecumenical push for “Christian” unity, pope Francis met with the patriarch of the Russian Orthodox church on Feb. 13 in Cuba. The Catholic church will always define “unity” as submission to papal authority. Watch for these ecumenical efforts to accelerate with the support of MANY evangelical leaders.

Pope and Russian Orthodox Leader Meet in Historic Step


4) Claims for Marian apparitions and other Catholic miracles are reaching frenzy status. Could the dramatic rise of these unbiblical phenomena be an ominous sign of the endtimes?

Book review: Exploring ‘Miracles in the Modern Age’



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