“Risen,” a movie about the resurrection of Jesus from the eyes of the unbelieving Roman centurion who oversaw His crucifixion, is scheduled to open on February 19.

I’ll probably go see the movie but I’m a bit skeptical. Hollywood can always be counted on to change the Biblical account in some way – by adding to it, taking away from it, or distorting it. Believers who know God’s Word will inevitably be disappointed (and in some cases, repulsed) by Hollywood’s interpretation of it. The producers suggest the movie is an unofficial sequel to Mel Gibson’s “The Passion of Christ” (2004), which certainly had its positive points but also its negative points.

On the other hand, the Holy Spirit can certainly use a film like “Risen” to draw people to Jesus. Hey, the Lord used “The Omen” (1976) as one of the many things that eventually drew me to Him. Ha! I still remember my wife and I fumbling through her deceased Protestant father’s old Bible trying to find “666” in the Book of Revelation after watching that movie. After a combined twenty-four years of Catholic education, it was the first time either one of us had ever opened up a Bible. We had absolutely no idea where to find Revelation!

I pray for the unbelieving souls who are curious about Jesus and who go to the theater to watch “Risen.” When I saw the trailer for the first time, tears welled up in my eyes and a lump grew in my throat thinking about my wonderful Savior who paid the penalty for all of my sins but overcame sin and death and reached out to me with His gift of salvation and fellowship with God!!! If you haven’t accepted Jesus Christ as your Savior, what are you waiting for?


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