Talking with Catholic friends and family about Jesus

Talking with Catholic Friends and FamilyTWC

By James G. McCarthy

Harvest House Publishers, 2005, 224 pages

In “The Gospel According to Rome” (1995), ex-Catholic and Evangelical Christian minister, James G. McCarthy, presented a thorough comparison of Roman Catholic theology with Scripture. Although I appreciate that book immensely, it might be too much information for those who desire only a summary view of how Biblical Christianity disagrees with Catholicism.

In “Talking with Catholic Friends and Family,” McCarthy gets down to to where the tire meets the road, examining how Catholics approach their church’s teachings and providing some examples on how to witness to them. For the vast majority of Catholics, their religion is just part of their familial and ethnic baggage. They generally have little knowledge of Catholic theology or the Bible and participate in the church’s sacramental rituals only out of habit and obligation, if at all.

McCarthy gives many examples of Catholics who did choose Christ and left Catholic legalism. This book provides practical information for Christians who desire to share the free gift of salvation by God’s grace through faith in Jesus Christ with Catholic family members and friends.

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