Bits and Pieces

Here’s a few important news items I’ve been meaning to catch up on…bap

A. Representatives of Catholicism and liberal Lutheranism have recently announced they’ve co-written a “Common Prayer” to be used in commemoration of the approaching 500th anniversary of the Reformation in 2017. Catholics give lip service to the Gospel of salvation by God’s grace through faith in Jesus Christ but also insist one must “cooperate with grace” and merit salvation by perfectly obeying the Ten Commandments and church rules. They understandably deemphasize the works-righteousness portion of their salvation equation in these ecumenical dialogues. While Catholic fundamentalists are fit to be tied regarding the Catholic-Lutheran “reconciliation,” as per the article below, they should have no worries. Catholicism began its recovery of the separated brethren way back in 1964. Catholic leaders now praise Luther (to the consternation of the EWTN crowd) but their self-confessed, ultimate goal is to have one church headed by the pope.

Important – Lutheran World Federation, Pontifical Council for Christian Unity launch “Common Prayer” service extolling Martin Luther and the Reformation



B. The story below reports Evangelicals continue to be persecuted by Catholics in Mexico. Why is there never any mention of this on the six o’clock news?

Mexico: Evangelicals Expelled, Domiciles Destroyed



C. The Irish Evangelical pastor in the story below was prosecuted for “anti-Islamic” comments in a 2014 sermon. If the Lord tarries, might we, in the United States, see the day when anyone who criticizes a religious group or denomination will be prosecuted for “hate speech”?

Trial of evengelical clergyman ‘waste of time,’ says priest



D. I saw the news story below and it occured to me that few did more to blur the distinction between the Gospel of salvation by God’s grace through faith in Jesus Christ and Catholicism’s gospel of sacramental grace and merit than Chuck Colson with his Evangelicals and Catholics Together project..

How Chuck Colson appeals to young evangelicals



E. Back on December 11, I posted that a group of street preachers, misidentified as “Koosha Las Vegas” by the media, were disturbing Catholic services in Las Vegas. See here. Somehow I missed the follow-up story below in which the leader of the group is interviewed. I’m sure most Evangelicals would not agree with this group’s confrontational methods but at least they’re trying to reach the lost.

Protesters who stormed Catholic churches speak



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