“Old School” critique of Roman Catholicism redux

Catholicism Against Itself, Volume 2CAI2
By O. C. Lambert
Self-published, 1965, 266 pages

In this sequel, Lambert builds upon the information previously presented in Volume 1 (1954). Once again the author copies and pastes extensively from Catholic sources to demonstrate how the church’s traditions often blatantly contradict the teaching in its own translations of Scripture (Confraternity, Douay, Knox’s, etc.).

Like Volume 1, this is very slow and laborious reading because of the detailed and often repetitious material. But the author must be commended for his exhaustive research. I’ve read many critiques of Roman Catholicism over the years but the Catholicism Against Itself books are invaluable resources for examples of pre-Vatican II Catholic teaching and practice.

Like Boettner and other writers of the time period, Lambert warns his readers of the consequences of encroaching Catholic church-state hegemony. History has shown those concerns to have been unwarranted. Catholic political influence as waned considerably since the time this book was published and pope Francis can’t even motivate his American members to attend mass on Sunday. The real danger to Christian witness has been the increasing cooperation of some Evangelicals with Rome and their compromise and betrayal of the Gospel of grace on the altar of ecumenism.

I. Jews in the Old Testament Changed the Law
II. Discount the Bible
III. Catholics Do Not Believe the Bible
IV. Catholics Contradict the Bible
V. Delete and Mistranslate the Bible
VI. The Canon
VII. The Divine Pattern
VIII. Tradition
IX. Catholics Do Not Claim to Follow the Bible
X. Catholic Law
XI. The Priesthood, Mary, and the Pope
XII. Claim of Superior Education-Fosters Ignorance Instead
XIII. History of Infallibility
XIV. The Sacraments
XV. Marriage
XVI. Extreme Unction
XVII. Baptism
XVIII. Eucharist
XIX. Penance

See my earlier review of Volume 1 here.

Both Volume 1 and 2 can be bought from Amazon 3rd-party used book sellers although Volume 2 is becoming increasingly rare. Avoid the abridged paperback edition.

For over 280 books which examine Roman Catholicism with God’s Word see my Books tab here.


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