Street preachers “disturb” Catholic masses in Las Vegas


Yesterday, I came across some interesting news out of Las Vegas. A group of Christian street preachers entered at least three Catholic churches in the area while mass was in progress and called upon the attendees to forsake their apostate religion and accept Jesus Christ as their Savior.

See KTNV’s television news reports on the disruptions here. The station erroneously identifies the name of the street preaching group as “Koosha Las Vegas” but Koosha is actually one of the group’s members who has posted many videos of the group’s activities on his You Tube Channel here.

The station also uses a blanket statement by reporting the members of the group are “former Muslims turned Christians” but it’s not exactly clear how many of the members are actually former Muslims.

The attached video captures the scene at one of the churches. As the leader of the group, “Ronnie,” finishes his short message and the group begins to leave, Koosha shouts out in broken-English:

“Guys, repent! Turn to Jesus Christ. Pope is a Satan. Pope is a Satan. Mary’s statue is a Satan. It’s a dead religion. Stop worshipping to the idols. Idols not going to save you. You need Jesus Christ. You need the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Pope, Mary statue, are idols; going to send you to hell. Come to Christ today. Turn to Jesus. Jesus is the only hope. Jesus is the only Savior. Your religion not going to save you.”

No subtleties in that message.

Bill Donohue, President of the Catholic League, has issued a statement calling the group “crazed evangelicals” using “Nazi-like tactics” and demanding the Las Vegas sheriff arrest them.

My thoughts? I surely agree with the message those guys were delivering but I don’t know if walking into the middle of Catholic mass is the “best” approach in sharing Christ. With everything going on in the world today the church attendees were probably more than a little frightened rather than attentive to the Gospel message being presented.

But, on the other hand, neither John the Baptist or Jesus Christ were exactly subtle in their public denunciations of empty religiosity. I also think about the apostles going into the Jewish temple and synagogues to preach Jesus Christ, drawing the red-hot ire of the Jewish religious leaders and resulting in their arrest and persecution (see the entire Book of Acts). But no believer would think to call the apostles “crazed” for entering into the temple and synagogues to preach Christ.

So, are Ronnie, Koosha, and their little street-preaching band “crazed” or has mainstream evangelicalism just gotten so ice cold and so compromised that it’s at the point of absolute Joel Osteen-uselessness?


14 thoughts on “Street preachers “disturb” Catholic masses in Las Vegas

    1. We Christians all praise and thank God for His Word, don’t we? But as I mentioned in my post, the Book of Acts records several instances where the apostles and Stephen publicly confronted empty religion while inviting people to accept Christ. They made a lot of enemies. And they died for it. John the Baptist, too. I guess we just gloss over those chapters today. There are certainly “less-offensive,” “more inviting” ways of sowing the seed of the Gospel but I think the church has mainly gone to the opposite extreme, being so concerned about not offending anyone that it’s becoming useless.

      Are people in Las Vegas accepting Christ in droves because of this group? I wouldn’t know but I doubt it just as you do. But I think the Holy Spirit uses a group of Christians like that to remind us our lives are not to be about what the world esteems.


      1. Yes you are completely correct. We as Christians should be going out and proclaiming it. As in scripture it says yell it from the mountain tops. There is not time to be politically correct. We have been silent too long. We are to be telling everyone of Gods love, Gods truth.

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      2. Thanks, Lana. Yup, the efforts of the early church to reach the lost puts us to shame. We are – generally speaking – soooooooo far from that. This Las Vegas group is no doubt rough around the edges but at least they have a zeal to reach the lost.

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  1. It is a violation of federal law to interupt a worship service. See the Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances Act, it was added to that act as an amendment. These bigots should be arrested for violating the civil rights of Catholics.


    1. J, I praise the Lord we have freedom to worship in the United States. As you know, as late as 1864 pope Pius IX in his Syllabus of Errors condemned freedom of religion and reasserted his right to suppress schismatics and heretics by force in league with civil governments in countries where Catholics held the majority. Thank the Lord Catholics never held the majority in these United States! Intolerance and sometimes violent persecution of non-Catholic minorities were standard practices in Catholic countries and continued right up into the 20th century in such places as Franco’s Spain, Salazar’s Portugal, Mussolini’s Italy, inter-war Poland, Vichy France, and Pavelic’s Croatia. Anti-Protestantism was also widespread throughout Latin America, fueled by falangist clerico-fascism.

      Maybe these Las Vegas street preachers are too aggressive but they’re certainly not persecuting people as was done to non-Catholics in Catholic countries right up until recent times and is still taking place in some areas in Latin America. See here. Your church was the fountainhead of European anti-Semitism. You have absolutely nothing to say given your church’s shameful record of persecuting non-Catholics.


    2. It’s a violation of RICO laws to knowingly shield Child molesters… we should also apply the law and arrest those guys too… oh wait, you shipped them offshore!

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  2. Protestant ecclesiastical communities continue to multiple because they cannot agree with one another. Jesus prayed let them all be one. The Catholic Church founded by Christ the King is still one, holy, apostolic, and universal.

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    1. Praise God for the Reformers and the various denominations that sprang up. They progressively threw off Roman chains. You would have us all go back to 1500 and the theocratic, church-state dictatorship and burning hertics and schismatics at the stake. We all enjoy religious freedom in this country because of people who stood up to Rome. Evangelicals disagree on secondary issues but we are united in our belief in salvation by God’s grace through faith in Jesus Christ ALONE. 76% of Catholics don’t attend mass weekly and 88% don’t go to confession yearly as they are ordered to do so stop painting such a rosey picture of your church. But why spend another second defending your religion? Your pope says even atheists are going to Heaven if they are “good.” You’re wasting your time on a dead religion.


  3. We have several things going on here. One, Koosha and his friends did indeed violate Federal law and they could be indicted and even imprisoned for doing so. Two, there is indeed New Testament precedent for their actions, and perhaps down the road of time a planted seed may take root, however, it is also possible their actions may have hardened a heart or two that was in the process of softening. Being a jerk is usually not good ministry. A better ministry for them, if they really want to do street preaching would be to follow the other example Jesus made and go to the poor, the homeless, with food, blankets and compassion as well as the word. Right now, all they are doing is giving the antiChristian more ammo.


    1. My first reaction to the street preachers was negative. I thought, that’s taking things way too far. But, as you mention, there are examples in the New Testament AND the Old Testament for similar types of witness. The prophets, John the Baptist, Jesus, and the apostles were also very bold in confronting sin, error, and the religious “establishment.” The reformers also come to mind. And people like Roger Williams. They all rocked the boat. They didn’t play nice in the sandbox. Were they all “jerks” as well? My gut reaction is to criticize these street preachers but I also realize the church has gotten very…make that extremely soft. Preachers who talk about sin, repentence, and judgment are a shrinking minority. I watched several of the group’s videos but I didn’t see any passerbys stopping and saying, Praise the Lord, brother! Preach it! I bet a few of them were believers who were either ashamed of the street preachers or were too busy rushing off to receive their next prosperity blessing. Yup, Jesus talked about showing compassion to the poor and needy but His emphasis was on reaching out to the poor and humble in spirit, to those who were searching for a Savior.


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