Pope Francis blasts Catholic “fundamentalists”

Conservative, EWTN-style Catholics initially blamed pope Francis’unorthodox quips onpopefundy “media misrepresentations” but they’re now beginning to wake up and smell the coffee and are growing increasingly alarmed by Francis’ efforts to reform the church.

Below are a couple of recent, important articles, which point to the widening rift between Bergoglio and conservatives.

What are Evangelicals to make of this internecine squabbling? The Catholic church is HEMORRHAGING members in the West and Bergoglio is obviously attempting to stanch the flow and is willing to “adjust” doctrine as necessary. But his criticism of Catholic fundamentalism is ironic given the rigidly doctrinaire viewpoints of his two predecessors, Wojtyla and Ratzinger.

Catholics boast their church is the “one true church” guided by the Holy Spirit through the leadership of the papacy, which claims infallibility in all matters touching upon faith and morals. Since previous popes were resolute on their teachings regarding birth control and banning communion for the remarried and for non-Catholics, any changes will only be further evidence against the claims for an “unchanging” church.

It’s doubtful Bergoglio will have much of any success with reforms during his term, but his efforts are laying the foundation for the next pope.

Despite the political struggles, pope Francis and the Catholic church teach the same salvation by sacramental grace and merit gospel that has always been taught by Catholicism.


Pope Francis attacks “fundamentalist” Catholics, dismisses condom ban as unimportant

Life Site News

November 30, 2015



Vatican’s liturgy chief contradicts Pope Francis on Communion for non-Catholics

Life Site News

November 30, 2015



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