Pope Francis the False Prophet?

Apocalypse Rising: The Mystery of the False Prophet and the Antichrist Revealedacpf

By Dwain Miller

Life Bridge Books, 2015, 158 pages

I’m not a big fan of end-times prophecy peddlers but recently I noticed this book in a news article and took the bait. Shame on me.

Pastor Miller speculates that the False Prophet referred to in the Book of Revelation is none other than pope Francis. Hey, I’m completely on board with that! He then suggests that the Antichrist of Revelation will be Muhammed al-Mahdi, the mysterious Twelfth Imam and Islam’s anticipated messiah. Sure. As good a guess as anyone else I suppose. Miller claims Francis will point to the Mahdi as the messiah as part of the end-times demonic deception. But, then again, who knows?

All of these end-times books are trips down a rabbit hole. Also, some of Miller’s statements are just absolutely ridiculous:

“Baptists and Pentecostals were born out of the (Greek Orthodox) branch (of the Roman Empire). That’s why at baptism we immerse believers in water rather than sprinkle  them.” – p. 37.

Anyone with even a smattering of church history knows how ridiculous this statement is.

“(Pope Benedict XVI) believed in salvation by grace through faith just as evangelicals do. He was clear in his teachings that a man or woman could only be saved through the blood of Jesus.” – p. 43.

Au contraire, Pastor Miller. Benedict, like all other Catholic traditionalists believes in sacramental grace which allegedly enables participants to perfectly obey the Ten Commandments and church rules so they are able to merit their way into Heaven.

“There is no question in my mind that the pope at that time, John Paul II, certainly believed (salvation is by grace through faith alone).” – p. 57.

See my previous comment about Benedict XVI. Somehow Miller is convinced in his mind that Francis peddles a gospel different from Wojtyla and Ratzinger. Oy vey!

Tragically, the compromise and betrayal of the Gospel by the likes of Miller and other like-minded Evangelicals anticipates the very end-times ecumenism that Miller warns against! In that sense, Miller himself is a false prophet.

The only redeeming quality of this book is it’s only 158 pages and the print is VERY large. But save your $12.95 and your precious time for something better. And most ANYTHING will be better.


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