Since Nobody’s Perfect, How Good is Good Enough?

Since Nobody’s Perfect, How Good is Good Enough?how

By Andy Stanley

Multnomah Books, 2012, 94 pages

At our visit to Northridge Church this past Sunday we were presented with a small gift bag containing CD and DVD sermon messages and a small book, “Since Nobody’s Perfect, How Good is Good Enough?” In this booklet, Evangelical pastor, Andy Stanley, examines the widely shared and overwhelmingly DOMINANT religious viewpoint, which is that “good” people will be rewarded in the after-life. Stanley compares this viewpoint to the Bible to show that this “good people go to Heaven” belief system is not supported by God’s Word, either in the Old Testament or the New. Everyone is a sinner and no one is good enough to merit eternal life with a Holy God. But God so loved the world that He sent His Son, Jesus Christ, to die on the cross as the sacrifice for our sins. Then Jesus rose from the grave, conquering sin and death. All those who accept Him as their Savior, with no plea of their own, will inherit eternal life, covered in the perfect righteousness of Jesus Christ.

So how is it that soooooo many who claim the name of Christ (e.g., Roman Catholics), subscribe to the “good people go to Heaven” philosophy? Jesus is the very antithesis of the “good people go to Heaven” viewpoint. He clearly stated He came to save sinners, NOT the religious self-righteous. Many Roman Catholics have posted comments on this blog arguing THEY HAVE accepted Jesus as their Savior, but then go on to defend their church’s teaching that they must “cooperate with grace” and receive the sacraments and perfectly obey the Ten Commandments as their part in the Catholic salvation process. How did Rome’s version of “Christianity” become so warped? Well, early Christianity gradually became institutionalized and simple faith in Jesus devolved into a system of religious legalism and ritualism, all jealously controlled by an increasingly powerful and worldly-minded clerical class. Stanley understandably doesn’t get into any of those historical details for the purposes of this book.

“Since Nobody’s Perfect, How Good is Good Enough?” would be an excellent book for anyone who holds to the “good people go to Heaven” philosophy, which would include the VAST majority of Roman Catholics. After explaining the Good News of Jesus Christ, Pastor Stanley encourages the reader to accept Christ at the very end of the book. Order this excellent book for all your unsaved family members and friends directly from


One thought on “Since Nobody’s Perfect, How Good is Good Enough?

  1. Salvation is free, damnation you earn. Catholics don’t believe you have to be perfectly righteous in this life to get into heaven, only that it’s possible to forfeit your salvation through mortal sin.


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