Good experience but what are your views on Roman Catholicism?

As I related in yesterday’s blog, on Sunday my wife and I visited the first church on ournrc shortlist in our search for a new church home. We both came away pleased with the experience at Northridge Church. The worship music was enjoyable and uplifting and the sermon on 1 Corinthians, chapter 10 was excellent. The pastor did a very good job of applying God’s Word to daily life.

But so many of today’s Evangelical pastors eagerly extend the hand of “brotherhood” to Catholicism. I wondered what Pastor Whiting’s attitude was regarding Rome? I certainly don’t want to invest a lot of time at a church again only to find out eventually that they regard Rome as a genuine Christian church.

Well, I did some investigating on the internet today and found this 2008 sermon from Pastor Whiting titled, “What’s the Difference?: The Roman Catholic Church.” The sermon is RIGHT ON TARGET and answers any questions I had about Northridge’s views on Catholicism.


5 thoughts on “Good experience but what are your views on Roman Catholicism?

    1. Yes, we like it with several reservations. We are too “moderate” in our beliefs for Baptist fundamentalist churches like where we came from and too conservative theologically for many evangelical churches these days. No ecumenism with Catholicism and no nationalism/patriotism from the pulpit for us. That makes it REALLY hard to find a church we can be somewhat comfortable in these days.


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