Ravi Zacharias impersonates Fred Astaire while compromising the Gospel

Ravi Zacharias. Ravi Zacharias. Ravi Zacharias. Everywhere you go you hear Evangelicals fawning over Christian apologist, Ravi Zacharias. But let’s slow it down a little bit.

Here’s a 6-minute You Tube video that some Evangelicals may find interesting. At a seminar a young man has a question for Dr. Zacharias. The man says he’s been involved in street evangelism for six or seven years and has encountered members of religious groups widely identified as cults such as the Mormons and Jehovah’s Witnesses. But he’s also encountered many Roman Catholics. The young man asks Zacharias to clarify for him, somewhat inarticulately, if Roman Catholicism is a cult or an apostate church.

Well, Dr. Zacharias tap dances around the question like Fred Astaire for about five minutes and manages to avoid giving anything resembling a forthright answer. Why the hesitancy, Dr. Zacharias? Can people be saved through the Catholic church’s standard theology of sacramental grace and perfect obedience to the Ten Commandments or not? Is the Gospel of salvation by God’s grace through faith in Jesus Christ alone the only way to Heaven or not? What was so extremely difficult about the young man’s question that caused you to hem and haw for five minutes, Dr. Zacharias? Yes, denominations have their distinctives but is the Gospel the Gospel or not? The audience heartily applauded Dr. Zacharias and his “wise” and “gracious” non-reply but that young man left the hall more confused than when he entered.

Catholic apologists and priests have absolutely NO problem proclaiming their church is the “one true church” and that it alone has the fullness of the “gospel.” Catholic apologists and priests have absolutely NO problem disparaging “Bible-thumping Evangelicals” and the “easy-believism” of the Gospel of salvation by grace through faith in Christ. So why then are Evangelical preachers and apologists so deferential when it comes to Roman Catholicism? What are Zacharias and the others afraid of? What spirit is driving them to cooperate, accommodate, compromise, and tap dance on egg shells? The young man mentioned the uncompromising Charles Spurgeon. Where are the Spurgeons of today?

Lord, thank you for watchmen faithful to the Gospel of grace who continue to work the ripe fields of the Roman Catholic lost.

9 thoughts on “Ravi Zacharias impersonates Fred Astaire while compromising the Gospel

  1. When John MacArthur was asked if C. S. Lewis was a Christian during a Questions and Answers session, MacArthur answered in the affirmative. He has stated that he admires Lewis in the past and quotes Lewis in his book Hard to Believe. The apostasy is throughout the visible church.


    1. That’s sad to hear, Eliza. I admire MacArthur quite a bit because of his very strong stand against Catholicism. I also enjoy listening to Alistair Begg and admire him for his refusal to compromise with RC but he also quotes Lewis now and then. Same with R. C. Sproul.


      1. Not to discourage you, but MacArthur’s stance against the RCC is a recent stance. My brother, a staunch Catholic listened to MacArthur until the 90’s when John sent out a CD about the RCC and particularly John Paul II. Alistair Begg is on The Gospel Coalition Board, where one of the founders, Tim Keller, is a liberal masquerading as an evangelical. Since he has written books about what he believes it should relatively easy to know the false doctrine he espouses. I wrote a couple of posts about the compromise within The Gospel Coalition.



        R. C. Sproul had an issue of his Table Talk magazine devoted to C. S. Lewis, not exposing his heresy, but extolling his supposed virtues. The apostasy is deep and wide within the visible evangelical church. May Christ equip us to stay faithful to Him. Amen!


      2. Thanks, Eliza. Yes, I am amazed how bad things are in the church. A recent survey revealed 58% of Evangelical pastors believed the pope was a true Christian and 19% weren’t sure.

        So only 23% of Evangelical pastors are sure the pope doesn’t preach the Gospel. 100 years ago the number would have probably been close to 100%.

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  2. If this question had been asked of Charles Spurgeon, his answer would have been much shorter and to the point. In fact, C.H.S. was so outspoken about the subject that I don’t think he had to answer questions like this much. Everyone knew where he stood.

    Comparing Ravi to Fred Astaire here is creative and correct. He does duck the question even though he says he doesn’t. He would have been a good (meaning another bad one) politician.

    I appreciate how you have clearly and concisely described the difference between the gospel and Catholicism. It isn’t difficult to understand at all. A Catholic friend and I were discussing the topic one day and she stated that Catholics are saved by faith and works. I was surprised that she would admit such a thing and I disagreed, of course, and we have remained friends. She is more knowledgeable than the average Catholic and she could boil it down to the main (and huge) difference. I think Ravi is as smart as my Catholic friend but he is not as courageous. Even though my Catholic friend knows that I believe she is in error, she is not afraid to speak her mind. What is Ravi afraid of? (Rhetorical question)


    1. I appreciate all of your remarks, Chris. Yes, most Catholics will obfuscate and agree with evangelicals that salvation is totally by grace through faith, but when pressed will admit they must “cooperate with grace” by frequenting the sacraments and obeying the Ten Commandments, etc., with the caveat that the ability to obey the commandments is only because of grace, and round and round. Yes, the difference between Spurgeon and most of these contemporary popular “apologists” is night and day.

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  3. Shame on you for treating your fellow Christians with such viciousness! You can’t really think for yourselves, and have taken the opinions of certain uneducated Protestants as your own. Stop with this very unfair attack on Ravi Zacharias. He has an amazing mind and has much to teach you, but you are too busy playing this tired old song! There are many Catholics on fire for Christ…while there are others who do not know him. Just like Protestants!! Listen to some Fulton Sheen or Doctor David Anders.
    Fulton Sheen said there are only a few people that truly hate the Church, but so many people who THINK they hate it . God bless you.

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    1. I pray you forsake trying to merit your salvation as your church teaches and accept Jesus Christ as your Savior some day. Yes, I’m fully aware of Fulton J. Sheen and his famous quote. Actually, I probably know more about the Roman church than 90% of its members. Did you know that the dioceses of New York City and Peoria, Illinois have been locked in a legal battle over Sheen’s remains for years. Both want to be the “resting place” of the future “saint.” So silly. Accept Christ. Your church with its rituals and man-made traditions saves no one.


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