“Old School” critique of Roman Catholicism

Catholicism Against Itself, Volume 1download (2)

By O. C. Lambert

Self-published, 1954, 295 pages

In Catholicism Against Itself the author has gathered an extensive collection of quotes from approved Catholic sources (mainly the church’s own encyclopedia and dictionary), which illustrate the anti-Biblical nature of many Catholic teachings. This book is a treasure chest of information which today’s Catholic apologists would just as soon be left on a dusty library shelf. Catholicism Against Itself is extremely hard to find but the effort will be worth it for the serious student of Rome. Lambert published a companion volume in 1965, which we’ll look at down the road.

Like Boettner’s widely popular “Roman Catholicism” of the same era, Catholicism Against Itself repeatedly warns American Protestants of the Vatican’s desire to gain political control of the United States and suppress freedom of religion in the same fashion as it had in Franco’s Spain, Salazar’s Portugal, Mussolini’s Italy, Pavelic’s Croatia, and widely throughout South America. Those fears might seem quaintly ridiculous from today’s vantage point, especially since the vast majority of American Catholics don’t even bother to attend mass on Sunday anymore, but, as hard as it may be to believe, there are still vestiges of Catholic intolerance in this hemisphere. See here. Yes, Rome has lost most of its political might but the very real danger today is the growing cooperation between some Evangelicals and works-righteousness Catholics resulting in the compromising of the Gospel of grace.

Chapter headings:

I. Simple Outline of Church History

II. Unreliability of Catholic Literature

III. Catholic Attitude Toward the Bible

IV. Roman Catholic Religion Not in Bible

V. Catholic History Series of Forgeries

VI. Foolishness in Lives of Saints

VII. Roman Catholic System Immoral

VIII. Roman Catholicism Neither Apostolic or Scriptural

IX. Roman Catholicism Alias Paganism

X. Catholic Paganism Refutes Itself

XI. Which Will You Have, Catholic Confusion or Bible Certainty

XII. Catholic’s Absurd Claim of Unity Refuted

XIII. Roman Catholicism Un-American – Our Greatest Menace

XIV. You Hear Strange Things About Catholics

See my Books tab for a list of over 270 books which compare Roman Catholicism to God’s Word.


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