Current Synod Reflects Growing Crisis Within Catholicism

The article below provides some excellent insights into the cut-throat, behind-theSYN2 scenes political manueverings at the Vatican’s current Synod on the Family. Credulous Catholics who drink the official church Kool-Aid and who envision Catholicism as a unified monolith might want to skip this piece. But we haven’t seen anything yet. The progressive/liberal wing of the church will continue to push the pope and the intransigent, traditionalist cardinals and bishops right to the edge.

Lord Jesus, thank you for freeing me from the chains of man-made Catholic traditions and religious institutionalism. Accept Jesus Christ as your Savior and seek an uncompromising Evangelical church in your area. It’s ALL about Jesus, NOT ecclesiastical politics.


Pope Francis’s First Crisis

By Alexander Still

The New Yorker

October 16, 2015


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