Pope Bergoglio feeling heat from “progressives”

In our postmodern, pluralistic society where all truth is relative, it’s REALLY bad formPGAY to judge anyone because of their sexuality or marital status. But the Catholic church defines homosexual activity and remarriage after divorce as “mortal” sins and theoretically bars practicing gays and divorced “adulterers” from the sacraments. The liberal, mainline Protestant denominations have largely already accepted homosexuality as an acceptable lifestyle. Catholic LGBTs and their supporters are putting pressure on pope Francis and the church to also conform to the new standards.

Francis has made some conciliatory remarks in the past, much to the chagrin of traditionalists, but there’ve been no substantive changes. The LGBTs are making their presence felt outside of the three-week Synod on the Family at the Vatican. No one actually expects Francis and his bishops to change Catholic teaching regarding homosexuality or remarried divorcees at this synod or any time soon. But LGBTs will continue stoking the controversy to the point where the Vatican eventually accedes to their demands, like the mainline Protestants, or the church splits and the progressives walk away.

Catholicism, with its unnatural rule of celibacy for its clergy and its repression of natural heterosexuality, has attracted more than its share of oddballs. But Evangelical churches are also being confronted by society’s growing expectation that homosexuality be treated as an acceptable lifestyle. Keep watching, folks. This issue isn’t going away.

But praise the Lord for freeing me from this legalistic Catholic quagmire and for His wondrous salvation by His grace through faith in Jesus Christ alone.


Pope under pressure on LGBT rights as Vatican summit on the family opens

By Rosie Scammel

The Guardian

October 4, 2015



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