Whatever happened to St. Christopher medals?

Does anyone remember St. Christopher medals? Ho, boy! They were EXTREMELY popularscm within Catholicism when I was a young boy back in the 1960s! Well, the legend went that Christopher served God by helping people ford a dangerous river in some faraway land. One day, a young boy needed help getting to the other side of the river so Christopher hoisted him up on his shoulder and carried him across. But Christopher staggered because the boy was so inexplicably heavy! Well, turns out the child was supposedly the incarnate Jesus Christ weighted down with the cares of the entire world!

St. Christopher was designated by the church as the patron saint of travelers and millions of Catholics wore St. Christopher medals that had been blessed by their priest as protection in their daily commutes or on trips. Catholics were told they would never die in a travel accident if they wore a St. Christopher medal.

In 1969 the church reviewed and reorganized its liturgical calendar and saints who were determined to have been largely based on myth and legend, like Christopher, were quietly removed. Although Christopher is still considered to be a saint by Rome he has been demoted to third-string and, except for a few traditionalist die-hards, his protective medal has become a memento of a bygone era.

The Catholic church likes to present itself as the unchanging foundation of spiritual truth but even a casual study of church history reveals the fallacy of that claim. What about the millions of Catholics who prayed to St. Christopher for safe travel prior to his demotion? Did wearing a “blessed” St. Christopher talisman actually protect people from being injured or killed in travel accidents? Did any Catholics die in travel accidents while wearing St. Christopher medals? I think we all know the answer to that question.

Friends, Catholicism’s veneration of “saints” and trust in sacramental rabbits’ feet are rooted in Roman paganism. See my previous blog on the topic here. Nowhere in the Bible does a follower of God pray to anyone other than God. In pandering to its heathen “converts,” Catholicism became a mixture of apostate Christianity and pagan superstition.

Praise the Lord for freeing me from the chains and superstition of Catholicism and saving me by His grace through faith in Jesus Christ alone!


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