Prominent Catholic says Pope Francis is a “False Prophet”

In the article below, Fox News analyst, former judge, and prominent Catholic, Andrew P.pope-francis-criticized Napolitano, labels pope Francis a false prophet. Napolitano speaks for MANY conservative Catholics, including muzzled clergy, who are alarmed by Francis’ “moral relativism” and his drift from “orthodoxy.”

I heartily concur with Napolitano that Francis is a false prophet but for entirely different reasons. Francis oversees an apostate religious organization which declares salvation is by sacramental grace and merit. But the Good News proclaimed in the New Testament is that salvation is by the grace of God through faith in Jesus Christ alone.

Accept Christ as your Savior and seek out an Evangelical church in your area that preaches the Gospel of grace.


False prophet? Why Pope Francis has disappointed many Roman Catholics

By Judge Andrew P. Napolitano

September 24, 2015

One thought on “Prominent Catholic says Pope Francis is a “False Prophet”

  1. Well, you are easily misled because you lack knowledge and understanding. Anyone can point the finger in their ignorance and get the attention of others of like mind, but only the knowledgeable and wise can make a good choice and lead others who are also knowledgeable and wise. Seek instruction, and you will be at peace.

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