Yikes! Pope didn’t mention Jesus in his UN speech either!!!

I recently reported here that Jorge “pope Francis” Bergoglio didn’t mention Jesus Christ in his entire 45-minute address to0925popeun06 a joint session of the United States Congress in Washington D.C. on 9/24/15.

Now I find out the pope also failed to mention Jesus in his address to the United Nations General Assembly in New York City the following day. See here.

Why am I not surprised? For someone who is supposedly the “Vicar of Christ,” Jorge sure doesn’t have a lot to say about Jesus.

Catholic friend, throw off the chains of this works-righteousness religious system and accept Jesus Christ as your Savior!

9 thoughts on “Yikes! Pope didn’t mention Jesus in his UN speech either!!!

    1. Melissa, in your spiritual journey have you read through the New Testament a couple of times yet? If so, can you possibly imagine Peter, Paul, or John, in their capacities as apostles of Christ, giving one-hour speeches anywhere without mentioning Jesus? The idea is beyond ludicrous. The early Christian church transformed into this institutionalized monolith which replaced simple faith in Jesus with pomp, ritual, and religious legalism. The Catholic church is apostate in hundreds of ways, most importantly, in teaching that salvation must be merited. No institution was more responsible for the spread of anti-Semitism in Europe than Catholicism. If the popes of the past were guided by the Holy Spirit and were infallible in matters of faith and morals why didn’t they stop anti-Semitism instead of promoting it? Accept Christ as your Savior and seek out an Evangelical church in your area that preaches the Gospel of grace.


      1. Maybe one day we’ll be able to talk. Or maybe we’ll just see other in heaven. Do you think there are separate sections for Catholics and Evangelicals? If not maybe we won’t see each other, but I hope we do.


      2. Melissa, I gave you a couple of consequential issues to think about (without barraging you with “dodge ball” Bible verses) but as usual you leap-frogged right over them. Do you intend to make your entire spiritual journey with blind folds on?


      3. No I intend to love and be Him to everyone, even you. I think sometimes you also need to have a sense of humor, as I’m sure Jesus did. We take ourselves way to serious at times. God bless


      4. Either way God called me to the Catholic church not man so it’s His choice for me. That’s another long story which I’m sure you have no interest in hearing.

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      5. You’re right, I politely have no interest in hearing someone’s testimony about their mystical “calling” to an apostate church, which mandates salvation by merit/cooperating with grace.


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