Catholicism: Crisis of Faith

Catholicism: Crisis of Faith

Directed by James G. McCarthy

Lumen Productions, 1991, 54 minutes

Catholicism: Crisis of Faith (1991) presents the contrasts between Catholic doctrines and the Bible from an Evangelical perspective. The film is directed by ex-Catholic, James G. McCarthy, who also wrote the excellent, “The Gospel According to Rome: Comparing Catholic Tradition and the Word of God” (Harvest House, 1995), which examines the same material in much greater detail.

This documentary is perfect for Catholics, most of whom have only an extremely shallow understanding of their church’s teachings and the Bible, or for Christians who want to understand the basic beliefs of Catholicism. The film’s production techniques (as well as the outfits and hairstyles of the participants) are a bit dated but the message is timeless.

One of the interviewees is Bart Brewer, ex-priest and former director of Mission to Catholics, who went home to be with the Lord in 2003.

Roman Catholics are taught their church is the “one true church” but they would be surprised to learn that many Catholic doctrines either disagree with or can’t be found in God’s Word. The most important spiritual matter in which the Catholic Church and the Bible disagree is salvation. The Catholic Church teaches salvation comes through receiving the “sacraments” administered by its clergy and by obeying the Ten Commandments and a myriad of church rules and regulations documented in the official Catholic “catechism.” In contrast, the New Testament teaches no one can possibly earn their way to Heaven but salvation comes freely by God’s grace to those who, by faith, accept Jesus Christ as their personal Savior.

Enjoy and be blessed by this film.


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