Pope greases annulment process, so what about…???

“Youra second time arounda? Eh, you always gotta homa here.”

I’ve already referenced the recent Pew Research which shows the Catholic church is on a downward slide and picking up steam. The pope is fully aware of the situation and is rolling up his sleeves to try to stem the tide. Last week he announced priests all over the world will soon be granted the “power” to forgive women who’ve had abortions. Only priests in certain countries currently have that “power.”

Then, like a one-two punch, the pope announced yesterday he is going to fast-track the annulment process. Currently, any Catholic who divorces and remarries is barred from the sacraments, meaning they’re going to hell. In the old days, only rich Catholics like the Kennedys could get their first marriages annulled but restrictions were loosened a bit. Today, the ever-growing number of Catholics who are getting divorced and remarried would rather sleep-in on Sunday mornings or explore other worship options rather than go through the annulment hassle or be treated like a puritan with a sewn-on scarlet letter.

So the pope is going to expedite the process. Annulments will be cheaper and faster. And the grounds for granting an annulment will be pretty much non-existent. A legitimate excuse…er…reason for granting an annulment will be that one of the partners didn’t realize “marriage was a lifelong commitment.” Oy vey!

Okay, the parish exit door is spinning like a top and Francis is trying to stanch the exodus but this ex-Catholic, who accepted Jesus Christ as Savior and has no other plea than Jesus, has a couple of simple questions. This new annulment policy goes into effect in December. So what happens to all the Catholics who divorced and remarried and were denied the sacraments and died and went to hell in years gone by? Do they get a “Get Out of Jail Free” card in December?

The Catholic church has more rules than Carter has pills and the rules are always changing. Praise the Lord for salvation by the grace of God through faith in Jesus Christ ALONE!


Pope Reforms Catholic Church’s Marriage Annulment Process




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