Dwindling membership and mega-payouts to abuse victims puts Catholic church in financial crunch…allegedly

I’m not throwing any parties over the enormous difficulties facing the Catholic church butcolecta_parroquia_massachussets I certainly don’t shed any tears either. The church, with its false gospel of sacramental grace and merit, has led millions of souls astray over the ages. The victims of the pedophile priests and their enablers deserve every penny. However, does it strike anyone else besides myself as beyond ironic that the church cries the financial blues when it just got done renovating St. Patrick’s Cathedral in New York City at the tune of $175 million?

Jesus had nowhere to lay His head but the popes and church leadership live as kings…for now.

Praise God for salvation by His grace through faith in Jesus Christ ALONE!

Believers, pray for Catholics to come out of their works-righteousness religion and accept Jesus Christ!


As Pope visit nears, U. S. Catholic Church faces financial strain





In time for pope’s NYC visit, 3-year renovation project at St. Patrick’s Cathedral completed

By DEEPTI HAJELA, Associated Press




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