Books, books, and more books

Over the past year I’ve been able to compile the long list of books below which compare Roman Catholicism with God’s Word and Evangelical Christianity. Books marked with “AMZ” are available booksdirectly from Those marked with “TP” are available from Amazon third-party sellers. Except for a couple of important titles I’ve generally stayed away from books written prior to 1900 and from Jesuit-world-conspiracy/Jack Chick types of publications. If I had to recommend only one book for interested Catholics it would be “The Gospel According to Rome” by James G. McCarthy which is easily available from Amazon.


Aldama, Manuel Garrido. From Roman Priest to Radio Evangelist (1946). TP

Alley, H. R. Thinking of Rome? Think Twice (1958). TP

Allison, Gregg R. Roman Catholic Theology and Practice: An Evangelical Assessment (2014). AMZ

Anderson, S. E. Is Rome the True Church? (1960). TP

Ankerberg, John. Fast Facts on Roman Catholicism (2009). AMZ

Ankerberg, John. Protestants and Catholics: Do They Now Agree? (2012). TP

Ankerberg, John. The Facts on Roman Catholicism (2009). AMZ

Armstrong, John H. A View of Rome: A Guide to Understanding the Beliefs and Practices of Roman Catholics (1995). TP

Armstrong, John H. Roman Catholicism: Evangelical Protestants Analyze What Unites and Divides Us (1998). TP

Armstrong, John H. The Catholic Mystery: Understanding the Beliefs and Practices of Modern Catholicism (1999). TP

Arnold, Terry. To Catholics Whom I Love (2006). TP

Ashe, Geoffrey. The Virgin: Mary’s Cult and the Re-emergence of the Goddess (2008). AMZ

Baker, Todd D. Exodus from Rome Vol. 1: A Biblical and Historical Critique of Roman Catholicism (2014). AMZ

Ball, Larry. Escape From Paganism: How a Roman Catholic Can Be Saved (2008). AMZ

Banuk, Ron. Mary: Past, Present, and Future (1999). TP

Bennett, Richard. Catholicism: East of Eden (2010). AMZ

Bennett, Richard. Far From Rome, Near to God (2009). AMZ

Bennett, Richard. The Truth Set Us Free: Twenty Former Nuns Tell Their Stories (1997). TP

Bennett, Richard. On the Wings of Grace Alone (2015). AMZ

Berkouwer, G. C. Recent Developments in Roman Catholic Thought (1958). TP

Berkouwer, G. C. The Conflict with Rome (1958). TP

Berry, Harold J. Roman Catholicism: What is Final Authority? (1970). TP

Boettner, Loraine. Roman Catholicism (various editions). TP

Boettner, Loraine. The Mass (1970). TP

Borders, Ben. Converting the Catholic (1957). TP

Borleis, Harry. The Pope Speaks (1956). TP

Bourdery, Edward. The Origin of the Mass (1953). TP

Brewer, Bartholomew F. Pilgrimage from Rome (1982). TP

Brooks, Keith L. Roman Catholic Doctrine Examined in the Light of Scriptures Only (1968). TP

Burckhardt, Paul E. A Protestant Tells Why: An Appraisal of Catholic Protestant Differences (1966). TP

Burke, William E. Witnessing to Roman Catholics (1968). TP

Carder, James L. Methods of Witnessing to Roman Catholics (1944). TP

Carrara, John. Catholicism under the Searchlight of the Scriptures (1951). TP

Carrara, John. Should Protestants and Roman Catholics Intermarry? (1967). TP

Carson, Herbert. Dawn or Twilight: A Study of Contemporary Roman Catholicism (1976). TP

Carson, Herbert. The Faith of the Vatican: A Fresh Look at Roman Catholicism (1996). AMZ

Castaldo, Christopher A. Holy Ground: Walking With Jesus as a Former Catholic (2009). AMZ

Castaldo, Christopher A. Talking with Catholics about the Gospel: A Guide for Evangelicals (available in March, 2015). AMZ

Clarke, C. Leopold. The Christian Church and the See of Rome (1932). TP

Cloud, David W. Billy Graham and Rome (2006). AMZ

Cloud, David W. Evangelicals and Rome: The Ecumenical One World “Church” (1999). TP

Cloud, David W. Is the Roman Catholic Church Changing? (2013). Available at

Cloud, David W. Rome and the Bible (1997). TP

Cloud, David W. Was Mother Teresa a True Christian? (2012). Available at

Coffey, Tony. Answers to Questions Catholics Are Asking (2006). AMZ

Coffey, Tony. Once a Catholic (1993). TP

Colacci, Mario. Christian Marriage Today: A Comparison of Roman Catholic and Protestant Views (1965). TP

Colacci, Mario. The Doctrinal Conflict between Roman Catholic and Protestant Christianity (1963). TP

Collins, Mary Ann. Another Side of Catholicism: Insights from a Former Catholic Nun (2004). AMZ

Collins, Mary Ann. Catholic Concerns: Where Does the Road to Rome Lead? (2008). AMZ

Collins, Mary Ann. Freedom from Catholicism (2002). TP

Collins, Mary Ann. Is Catholicism Biblical? A Former Nun Looks at the Evidence (2010). AMZ

Collins, Mary Ann. Searching for Truth: An Autobiography about My Spiritual History (2010). AMZ

Collins, Mary Ann. The Catholic Undertow: A Manual for Former Catholics (2004). TP

Collins, Mary Ann. Unmasking Catholicism: What Hides Behind the Modern Public Image? (2004). AMZ

Conroy, Helen. Forgotten Women in Convents (1960). TP

Cooke, Ronald. The Onslaught against Bible Protestantism: Studies on Romanism (1985). TP

Coulton, George Gordon. Romanism and Truth (1930). TP

Cowan, Steven B. The Reformation Was Not a Mistake! The Areopagus Journal of the Apologetics Resource Center. Vol 4, No. 3 (2012). AMZ

Cowell, Harriet Hamilton. Why a Preacher and Not a Priest: The Story of Evangelist John Carrara (1937). TP

Crouch, Marlene C. Whose Voice Are You Listening To? (2010) AMZ

De Courcy, Philip. Standing Room Only: A Contemporary Expose of the Roman Catholic and Evangelical Agreement (1997). TP

De Semlyen, Michael. All Roads Lead to Rome: The Ecumenical Movement (1993). TP

Dearden, Henry Woodhouse. Modern Romanism Examined (1927). TP

Denbow, Walter H. Ought I to Join the Church of Rome? (1950). TP

Denbow. Walter H. Ought I to Send My Child to a Convent School? (1969). TP

di Domenica, Angelo. A Protestant Primer on Roman Catholicism (1949). TP

Doeswyck, Peter J. Ecumenicalism and Romanism (1961). TP

Doeswyck, Peter J. Ex-Priest Answers Attack by Roman Clergy (1956). TP

Doeswyck, Peter J. Roman Customs and Practices: Their Origin and Development (1963). TP

Dreyer, F. C. H. Roman Catholicism in the Light of Scripture (1960). TP

Eberhardt, Frank A. Roman Catholic Evangelism. Available at

Eberhardt, Frank A. The Catholicism Explained New Testament. Available at

Eberhardt, Frank A. I Wanted to Serve God as a Priest (1960). TP

Evans, Charles G. B. Why I Question the Roman Catholic Faith (2013). AMZ

Ewin, Wilson. The Assimilation of Evangelist Billy Graham into the Roman Catholic Church (1992). TP

Ewin, Wilson. You Can Lead Roman Catholics to Christ (1974). TP

Ewin, Wilson. Under the New World Order: Evangelicals, Catholics, and Israel: Conspiracy of the Ages (1996). TP

Fernandez, J. A. Advance of Romanism in the United States (1956). TP

Fernandez, J. A. What’s the Difference?: The Basic Difference Between Romanism and Protestantism (1952).

Fiedler, Maureen, ed. Rome Has Spoken: A Guide to Forgotten Papal Statements and How They Have Changed Through the Centuries (1998). TP

Filicchia, Ralph. From Catholicism to Christ (1991). TP

Foxe, John. Foxe’s Book of Martyrs or A History of the Lives, Sufferings, and Triumphant Deaths of the Primitive Protestant Martyrs (various). AMZ

Fuqua, E. C. Romanism Inspected (1945). TP

Galea, Ray. Nothing in My Hand I Bring: A Catholic’s Journey to Christ (2012). AMZ

Gardner, James. Romanism at Variance with the Bible (1930). TP

Garland, Rick. Unholy Devotion: Rome’s Marian Errors (2014). AMZ

Garver. Stuart P. Watch Your Teaching!: A Comparative Study of Roman Catholic and Protestant Teaching since Vatican Council II (1973). TP

Gary, A. J. What Every Catholic Should Know (2014). AMZ

Gauss, James F. The Catholic Church: Why I Left It (2012). AMZ

Gendron, Mike. Preparing for Eternity (2002). AMZ

Gerstner, John H. A Primer on Roman Catholicism (2003). TP

Gerstner, John H. The Gospel According to Rome (1960). TP

Gilbert, Mark. The Road Once Travelled: Fresh Thoughts on Catholicism (2012). AMZ

Guinness, H. Grattan. Romanism and the Reformation (various).  AMZ

Gustafson, David. Mary: A Catholic-Evangelical Debate (2003). TP

Hampel, Harry. My Deliverance from the Heresies of Rome (1955). TP

Hendrie, Edward. Solving the Mystery of Babylon the Great (2011). AMZ

Hislop, Alexander. The Two Babylons (various). AMZ

Horton, Michael S. Evangelicals, Catholics, and Unity (2012). AMZ

Houghton, Sidney M. The Advance of Romanism (1964). TP

Howard, V. E. Roman Catholicism vs. Freedom (1954). TP

Howard-Munro, Lynda. A Rebuttal to Catholic Apologetics (2013). AMZ

Hoyer, Theodore. Why I Am Not a Roman Catholic (1953). TP

Hudson, Henry T. Papal Power: Its Origins and Development (1993). TP

Hunkey, John. How I Became a Non-Catholic (1911). TP

Hunt, Dave. A Woman Rides the Beast (1994). AMZ

Hunter, J. H. The Great Deception (1945). TP

Hurley, Michael. John Wesley’s Letter to a Roman Catholic (1968). TP

Ironside, Henry A. Letters to a Roman Catholic Priest (1989). TP

Ironside, Henry A. The Mass versus the Lord’s Supper (1926). TP

Jackson, Bill. Roman Catholicism and the New Testament: A Study of Roman Catholicism in Light of New Testament Scriptures (1980) TP

Jackson, Bill. The Noble Army of Heretics (1989). TP

Jackson. Bill. A Christian’s Guide to Roman Catholicism (1988). TP

Jay, Les. Catholics are NOT Christians (2007). AMZ

Johnson, Frederick A. Christ and Catholicism (1954). TP

Johnson, Ken. The Gnostic Origins of Roman Catholicism (2013). AMZ

Johnson, O. K. The Shift: Moving from Religion to Relationship (2012). AMZ

Juris, Paul. Blessed Mary (1978). TP

Juris, Paul. The Other Side of Purgatory (1981). TP

Kane, Liz. The Devil’s Greatest Counterfeit: The Roman Catholic Church (1961). TP

Kauffman, Timothy F. Graven Bread: The Papacy, the Apparitions of Mary, and the Worship of the Bread of the Altar (1995). TP

Kauffman, Timothy F. Quite Contrary: A Biblical Reconsideration of the Apparitions of Mary (1998). TP

Kauffman, Timothy F., ed. Geese in Their Hoods: Selected Writings on Roman Catholicism by Charles Haddon Spurgeon (1997). TP

Kenny, Anthony. A Path from Rome (1986). TP

Lambert, O. C. Catholicism against Itself, Vols. 1 & 2 (various). TP

Leahy, Fred S. The Roman Antichrist or a Study in II Thessalonians 2:3-8 (1957). TP

Lehmann, L. H. Behind the Dictators: A Factual Analysis of the Relationship of Nazi-Fascism and Roman Catholicism (1942). TP

Lehmann, L. H. Ex-Priest and the Riddle of Religion (1932). AMZ

Lehmann, L. H. Ought I Become a Roman Catholic or Remain a Protestant? (1949). TP

Lehmann, L. H. Out of the Labyrinth (1942). TP

Lehmann, L. H. The Soul of a Priest (1933). TP

Lehmann, L. H. Father O’Connor, converted Catholic priest, founder of Christ’s Mission; story of his life and work (1939). TP

Litmer, Greg. Catholicism under the Microscope (2009). AMZ

Lott, Timothy G. Growing Up Catholic: The Pursuit of Truth from Tradition to Satisfaction (2010).  TP

Macaulay, J. C. The Bible and the Roman Church (1946). TP

Macaulay, J. C. The Heresies of Rome (1946). TP

Macek, Hazel. Biblical Views of Catholicism: A Christian Worker’s Guide (2012). TP

Martin, Walter. The Roman Catholic Church in History (1960). TP

Matthews, Paul. Basic Errors of Catholicism (1952). TP

McCarthy, James G. Conversations with Catholics (2002). AMZ

McCarthy, James G. Letters between a Catholic and an Evangelical (2003). AMZ

McCarthy, James G. Roman Catholicism: What You Need to Know (1995). AMZ

McCarthy, James G. Talking with Catholic Friends and Family (2005). TP

McCarthy, James G. The Gospel According to Rome (1995). AMZ

McCarthy, James G. What Every Catholic Should Ask (1999). TP

McCauley, J. D. Trevor. Current Trends in Roman Catholicism (1995). TP

McConell, W. Dunbar. The Menace of Rome: A Call and a Warning (1939). TP

McCormick, Joseph. Why I Am Not a Roman Catholic (1954). TP

McKim, Randolph H. Romanism in the Light of History (2009). AMZ

McKnight, John P. The Papacy: A New Appraisal (1952). TP

McLoughlin, Emmett. American Culture and Catholic Schools (1960). TP

McLoughlin, Emmett. Crime and Immorality in the Catholic Church (1964). TP

McLoughlin, Emmett. Letters to an Ex-Priest (1965). TP

McLoughlin, Emmett. People’s Padre (1954). TP

Michaels, Ralph. Share the New Life with a Catholic (1975). TP

Mikhail, Labib. The Virgin Mary in the Light of the Word of God (2011). AMZ

Miller, Charles R. A Dominant Romanism: Its Religious and Political Significance (1959). TP

Miller, Elliot. The Cult of the Virgin: Catholic Mariology and the Apparitions of Mary (1992). TP

Miller, John C. Witnessing to Roman Catholics (1978). TP

Mizzi, Joe. Test All Things: An Invitation to Examine Your Catholic Faith in the Light of Scripture (1999). TP

Montano, Walter M. Behind the Purple Curtain (1950). AMZ

Montano, Walter M. Mixed Marriage: Road to Unhappiness (1956). TP

Munro, W. Fraser. Roman Catholic Tradition and the Protestant Faith (1959). TP

Murrell, Adam. So You Want To Become A Roman Catholic?: 10 Letters You Must Read Before Leaving The Evangelical Faith (2013). TP

Myhill, Charlotte. Three Years a Nun (1974). TP

Noll, Richard. When Catholics Die: Eternal Life or Eternal Damnation? (1999). TP

O’Gorman, Walter Ernest Rupert. A Priest Speaks His Mind: Why He Returned to the Protestant Faith of His Fathers (1954). TP

O’Malley, Kathleen. Childhood Interrupted: Growing Up Under the Cruel Regime of the Sisters of Mercy (2006). AMZ

Oakland, Roger. Another Jesus: The Eucharist Christ and the New Evangelization (2007). AMZ

Padrosa, Luis. Why I Became a Protestant (1953). AMZ

Paisley, Ian. Billy Graham and the Church of Rome: A Startling Exposure (1970). TP

Park, Hendrick. The Roman Catholic Church: A Critical Appraisal (2008) AMZ

Pearson, B. H. My God Just Went By: The Story of the Birth of a Mission in the Heartland of Traditional Roman Catholic Power in Medellin, Columbia (1972). TP

Pearson. B. H. The Monk Who Lived Again (1954). TP

Pentecost, J. Dwight. Romanism in the Light of Scripture (2014). AMZ

Peterson, F. Paul. The Rise and Fall of the Roman Catholic Church (1959). TP

Pezzotta, Anthony. Truth Encounter: Catholicism and the Holy Scriptures (1996). TP

Phillips, Ernest. Rome’s Traffic in Nuns: Embracing the Subject of Conventual Dowries and Mortality (1958). TP

Pigott, Adrian. Freedom’s Foe, The Vatican (1956). TP

Pinedo, Moises. What the Bible Says about the Catholic Church (2008). TP

Poynter, J. W. The Church of Rome From Within (1932). TP

Reed, Kevin. Making Shipwreck of the Faith: Evangelicals and Roman Catholics Together (1995). TP

Reilly, Frances. Suffer the Little Children: The Harrowing True Story of a Girl’s Brutal Convent Upbringing (2010). AMZ

Reymond, Robert L. The Reformation’s Conflict with Rome: Why It Must Continue (2001). AMZ

Reynolds, Arthur G. What’s the Difference in Protestant and Roman Catholic Beliefs? (1954). TP

Rhodes, Ron. Reasoning from the Scriptures with Catholics (2000). AMZ

Rhodes, Ron. The 10 Most Important Things You Can Say to a Catholic (2002). AMZ

Rice, John R. Dear Catholic Friend (2000). TP

Rice, John R. Sermon from a Catholic Bible (1947). TP

Rivera, Mario. Why I Left Roman Catholicism (1960). TP

Robbins, John W. Ecclesiastical Megalomania: The Economic and Political Thought of the Roman Catholic Church  (2006). TP

Rone, Wendell Holmes. The Baptist Faith and Roman Catholicism (1952). TP

Ross, K. N. Why I Am Not a Roman Catholic (1953). TP

Rothacker, Edward T. Keys to Glory: A Catholic’s Search for God (2008). AMZ

Rowell, J. B. An Open Letter to Pope John. XXIII or XXIV? His Title Questioned. Serious Implications Stated (1959). TP

Rowell, J. B. Historical Research: Bible Baptism – The Roman Church and the Baptists (1960). TP

Rowell, J. B. How to Reach Roman Catholics for Christ (?). TP

Rowell, J. B. Our Protestant Heritage: No Priest But Christ! No Sacrifice But Calvary! No Confessional But the Throne of Grace (1957). TP

Rowell, J. B. Papal Infallibility: It’s Complete Collapse Before a Factual Investigation (1963). TP

Rowell, J. B. Romanism Exposed by Romanism (1965). TP

Rowell, J. B. The Assumption of Mary (1950). TP

Rowell, J. B. The Worship of Mary (1955). TP

Rowell, J. B. Why Millions Do NOT Call the Pope “Holy Father” (?). TP

Sanchez, Daniel R. Sharing the Good News with Our Roman Catholic Friends (2003). AMZ

Sanders, Albert J. Evangelical & Roman Catholic Beliefs Compared (1974). TP

Savas, Patricia Nolan. Gus: A Nun’s Story (1993). TP

Schofield, Joseph R. Escape from Purgatory (1994). TP

Schroeder, John. Heresies of Catholicism: The Apostate Church (2003). AMZ

Scott, C. Anderson. Romanism and the Gospel (1946). TP

Serge, Joe. Two Men from Malta: A Passionate Appeal to Roman Catholics (2007). AMZ

Shepherd, J. E. C. The Babington Plot: Jesuit Intrigue in Elizabethan England (1987). TP

Shields, T. T. The Papacy in the Light of Scripture (1955). TP

Slawin, S. C. Catholic to Christian: An Exploration of Catholicism and One Man’s Journey from Darkness into God’s Wonderful Light (2014). AMZ

Slomski, Peter. Roman Catholicism: The Testimony of History and Scripture (2006). TP

Smith, Casey. The Great Gulf between Catholicism and Christianity (2008). AMZ

Smith, Leopold D. E. The Papacy, Its History and Dogmas (1953). TP

Smith, Samuel. The Claims of Rome (1964). TP

Spence, O. Talmadge. Rome: Crusade or Crucible? (1989). TP

Springer, Harvey H. Why I Am Not a Roman Catholic (1947). TP

Sproul, R. C. Are We Together? A Protestant Analyzes Roman Catholicism (2012). AMZ

Sproul, R. C. Faith Alone: The Evangelical Doctrine of Justification (1999). AMZ

Standridge, William C. What’s Happening in the Roman Church (1975). TP

Standridge, William C. Born Again Catholics and the Mass (1980). TP

Stewart, Alexander. The World Menace of Catholic Action (1953). TP

Stilson, Max. How to Deal with Roman Catholics (1966). TP

Stuber, Stanley I. Primer on Roman Catholicism for Protestants: An Appraisal of the Basic Differences between the Roman Catholic Church and Protestantism (1953). TP

Subilia, Vittorio. The Problem of Catholicism (1964). TP

Sullivan, Wilma. Sister of Mercy (1997). TP

Sumerall, Lester F. Roman Catholicism Slays (1940). TP

Svendsen, Eric D. Evangelical Answers: A Critique of Current Roman Catholic Apologists (1999). AMZ

Svendsen, Eric D. Upon This Slippery Rock: Countering Roman Catholic Claims to Authority (2007). AMZ

Svendsen, Eric D. Who Is My Mother? The Role of the Mother of Jesus in the New Testament and in Roman Catholicism (2007). AMZ

Talaga, Michael. The God I Thought I Knew: My Experience Growing Up Catholic (1999). TP

Tanis, Edward J. What Rome Teaches: A Comparison of Some of the Teachings of the Roman Catholic Church with Holy Scripture (1954). TP

Testa, S. L. Is Romanism In the Bible? (1959). TP

Testa, S. L. The Roman Catholic Doctrine of the Mass (2010). AMZ

Testa, S. L. The Truth About Catholics, Protestants, and Jews (1967). TP

Tetlow, Jim. Messages from Heaven (2009). AMZ

Tetlow, Jim. Queen of All (2009). AMZ

Thompson, James J. Fleeing the Whore of Babylon (1986). TP

Thornwell, J. H. Sacramental Sorcery: The Invalidity of Roman Catholic Baptism (2006). TP

Trumper, Peter. The Mass: Should a Christian Attend It? (1980). TP

Urick, Steve. The Truth About Roman Catholicism: What Every Catholic Needs to Know (2014). AMZ

Vanhuysse, T. Gift of Grace: Roman Catholic Teaching in Light of the Bible (1993). TP

Viator. Catholicism Judged by the Bible (1959). TP

Vidal, Cesar. The Myth of Mary (1995). TP

Villa, Manuel Perez. I Found the Ancient Way (1958). TP

Vinet, Lucien. I Was a Priest (1949). TP

Walsh, Mary Ellen. The Wine of Roman Babylon (1945). TP

Warfield, Benjamin. Counterfeit Miracles (1972). AMZ

Webber, Muriel. Let’s Look at Lourdes and Fatima Too! (1968). TP

Webster, William. Roman Catholic Tradition: Claims and Contradiction (1999). AMZ

Webster, William. Salvation: The Bible and Roman Catholicism (1991). AMZ

Webster, William. Saving Faith: How Does Rome Define It? (1995). TP

Webster, William. The Church of Rome at the Bar of History (1997). AMZ

Webster, William. The Matthew 16 Controversy: Peter and the Rock (1996). AMZ

Wells, H. G. Crux Ansata: An Indictment of the Roman Catholic Church (1944). TP

Whately, E. Jane. Roman Claims and Bible Warrants (1930). TP

White, James R. Answers to Catholic Claims (1990). TP

White, James R. Mary: Another Redeemer? (1998). TP

White, James R. The Fatal Flaw (1990). TP

White, James R. The Roman Catholic Controversy (1996). AMZ

Wilder, John Bunyan. The Other Side of Rome (1959). TP

Wilder, John Bunyan. The Shadow of Rome (1960). TP

Williams, Walter Dakin. Nails of Protest. A Critical Comparison of Modern Protestant and Catholic Belief (1955). TP

Wood, Leland Foster. If I Marry a Roman Catholic (1952). TP

Woods, Henry M. Our Priceless Heritage: A Study of Christian Doctrine in Contrast with Romanism (various). TP

Wright, Charles H. H. Roman Catholicism (1931). TP

Zacchello, Joseph. Secrets of Romanism (various editions). TP

Zacchello, Joseph. The Ins and Outs of Romanism (1949). TP

Zins, Robert M. On the Edge of Apostasy: The Evangelical Romance with Rome (1998). TP

Zins, Robert M. Romanism: The Relentless Roman Catholic Assault on the Gospel of Jesus Christ (2010). TP

Zodhiates, Spiros. The Song of the Virgin (1974). TP

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