Why is it so important to Catholics that Mary remained a virgin?

Catholics claim Mary was a perpetual virgin throughout her marriage to Joseph. They even assert that upon His birth, infant Jesus miraculously passed through her hymen leaving it completely intact. Why do Catholics make such claims? Because in Catholic theology celibacy was gKXOQjF7considered a spiritually superior way of life. To Catholics sex was base and sinful – a necessary evil only for bringing more Catholics into the world. Catholics shuddered at the notion of Joseph violating the “immaculate” body of Mary. Although Joseph was ceremonially wed to Mary, for Catholics she was the “Immaculate Spouse of the Holy Spirit” and they could not conceive of Joseph asserting his husbandly privileges.

But what about the many Bible verses that refer to the brothers and sisters of Jesus such as Matthew 12:46, Matthew 13:55-56, Luke 8:19, Mark 3:31, John 7:1-10, Acts 1:14, and Galatians 1:19? Catholics argue that the New Testament writers used the word “brothers” in terms of wider family relations; that these people were actually cousins. Hmmmm.

But what about messianic Psalm 69:8, “I am a foreigner to my own family, a stranger to my own mother’s children”? This prophecy was fulfilled when Jesus’s brothers did reject him (John 7:5). Catholic sophists attempt to turn decent exegesis on its head by saying “mother’s children” in Psalm 69:8 refers to Israel. Nonsense!

It’s desperately important to Mariolaters that their mother goddess remain “pure” and “unstained” by ignoble sexual intimacy.


One thought on “Why is it so important to Catholics that Mary remained a virgin?

  1. I too have heard that the word for brothers can also mean cousins in the original language. However, I thought it was because they believed that Mary’s lineage was protected from sin. I know celibacy was considered superior but yet sex within marriage is holy to God and moreso when it is given unselfishly. Regardless, I think the idea of Mary’s lineage being pure in order to prevent Jesus from obtaining the sin nature is supposed to fit with their idea that having another son would result in more divine children like Jesus. However, the fact that Mary could even have a pure lineage is ludicrous. Surely, if someone along the line of Adam and Eve had broken the chain of sin inheritance with the interaction of God, then the Lord could have preserved the birth of Jesus from sin corruption in the virgin birth of a fallible woman!


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